Signs that you might be past life bypassing?

PAST LIFE BYPASSING - Working on past life trauma assuming it has no relevance to your biographical trauma is called spiritual bypassing. Your answers do not lie in past life realms. Your answers lie in the here and now. The issue is, when you focus on 'past timelines' and look for answers you can easily forget that these are just vibrational landscapes that actually exist within you. As a result, your healing can stall.

Spiritually inclined people often get a sense of comfort or relief that they are doing 'past life work' as if it's some sort of right of passage, or it means they're working at a deep level.

Sorry to bust your bubble. *pop* It doesn't. Click here to read more about spiritual bypassing and why you need to establish your spiritual sovereignty.

Past life imprints arise as a mirror to show you your current vibration and what you hold. They contain a big held charge but they are not a cause of anything. In the quantum realm time is a lower dimensional fabrication of the mind that can keep you from embodying your highest frequency; you do not need a timeline you need presence in the now, that is how you access and heal all timelines. If you cannot be present and embodied in the now, flying away to “past life” explanations for your density are futile and fragile attempts to clutch and create meaning where you need to let go of your own mind and love yourself deeper. This approach to healing means you scatter but you do not safely expand. The cause is what you have created to teach yourself what you are. Past life imprints are not separate from your biographical experience, they need to be understood as part of the entire vibrational field you exist in.

If you've built a spiritual treehouse to avoid finding your own roots, you'll soon see it's not safe up there. You're hiding up there because you're terrified of EARTH, of the dark void, of the roots that call you deeper.

Come back to the here and now. Come back to EARTH. To present life. Own it all here and recreate it all here. If past life impressions come up to be resolved, do not delight in their disappearance as if you've conducted some feat of magic. Instead, integrate them. Understand how they are relevant to you now, how they point to what needs to be witnessed and met deeper within you. What are they showing you about this life you have created for yourself?


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