Adverse foetal environment associated with chronic health issues

The foetal environment and prenatal experience is increasingly being studied as a contributing factor in childhood trauma illness and chronic degenerative diseases.

Neuroscientific research is focused on the process of biological programming i.e the physiological mechanisms through which fetal development is affected by an adverse environment specifically prenatal stress. Technology has accelerated and recent brain scans on developing foetuses have shown that parental stress impacts neurological organisation

Research shows 'an adverse foetal environment is associated with increased risk of cardiovascular, metabolic, neuroendocrine and psychological disorders in adulthood. Exposure to stress and its glucocorticoid hormone mediators may underpin this association.

Crucially, changes in gene expression persist long after the initial challenge, predisposing the individual to disease in later life. Intriguingly, the effects of a challenged pregnancy appear to be transmitted possibly to one or two subsequent generations, suggesting that these epigenetic effects persist.'

Much of the healing work I am now supporting my clients with is necessarily needing go to this deep - the traumas or betrayals and disconnections are so pervasive that it requires the revisiting and recreation of early conception and birth environment, as well as the ancestral dynamics that created that constellation. This can include: -sperm and egg energetics - emotional dynamics of conception - in utero experience physically, emotionally and spiritually - revisiting who the parents actually are as people - larger societal field that parents existed in and were born into - ancestral imprints and characteristics - experiencing first glimpses of support, care, safety - deeper understanding of fear that is held in the system - rebirthing of self or children to overcome feelings of guilt / fear - soul understanding of choice of family and parents - soul purpose and identity What results is a profound depth of healing and self awareness, a release of often unspeakable and buried charge in the nervous system that has formed identity and tissue structure as well as a revitalisation of the organs particularly the gut, liver, heart and uterus. Often the signs that someone needs to heal are reflected in the next generation as children start to mirror what is unresolved or what was painful. Sometimes people know themselves that a birth experience was particularly traumatic and hold guilt and shame or anger at what happened.

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