Why Pay-as-you-Go therapy is holding you back

Pay as you go therapy is therapy that you pay for on a session by session basis and is scheduled whenever you feel like without consistent timing or container. This model of therapy holds you back by colluding with your resistance, not offering you the depth of sacredness of container, not allowing for a relationship to be cultivated between therapist and client and not allowing for full belief in the transformation that deep down, you seek and is seeking you. Transformation is a process, if the therapy you are involved in has no process, no path, you are paying someone to sit in the mess with you.

Sitting in the mess is going to be required at points, but the mess is resistance and ego. The truth of your heart it utmost clarity. Do you want to pay for an ego engagement or a clear heart space? What are you seeking deep within you?


A drop in-drop out culture creates inconsistent ground and lacks commitment from both the client and therapist end. It makes it easy for a client to avoid wounds and depth work because when it feels too much (which it inevitably will do) they simply just don't turn up for a session. This creates a culture of relief rather than resolution, with a client turning up to 'feel better' rather than 'be better.' It also makes it harder to resolve the root cause because that inherently requires moving through resistance. Furthermore, it means the therapist doesn't have to sit and work through the resistance with the client which in my view, is akin to avoidance. A big part of therapy is the relationship between the therapist and client which can crescendo as big material is worked through, and needs to be supported. A client needs to be able to experience all the emotions for the therapist that they would do for a figural person in their life such as a parent and be able to explore that with the therapist. This relational depth can't ever happen if nobody knows when the next sessions will be. As a result, pay as you go therapy facilitates a distant relational culture which can in itself, be a trauma characteristic.


I’ve never been a fan of open ended therapy with no goal, no direction and no direct result after each session. It's based on a cognitive based western model of psychotherapy, a big financial outgoing and a white privilege of being able to just have someone to talk to or be with that you pay money to who is there to listen. Having therapy each week for four or five years is not something most people (especially vulnerable people who are healing from severe abuse or chronic illness in marginalised communities) can afford either financially or emotionally. When you don’t know where your employment situation will be next month spending week after week in therapy is untenable. This is why people are seeking alternatives.


The way I structure my work is through cycles of 6 sessions each. Each session is personalised but focused on an outcome. The outcome is determined in the consultation process which is a deep dive into my clients lived experience at a physical, emotional and spiritual level, as well as their family dynamic and ancestry. This consultation is the most important part of deciding whether my client and I will work together, and sets the stage for the work.

Each session offers resolution. This is felt immediately as the changes occur live and can be felt. Resistance to change becomes obvious, progress becomes obvious, expansion becomes clear. There is nowhere to hide in this space. This depth of clarity creates safety. Safety is created when you are clearly able to see yourself. This is the ultimate liberation because it gives you choice. Rather than saying 'i don't know' why things are the way they are, you are absolutely clear on why and what is required. As you can see this is radically different from the way many therapists will work.

I've found that 6 sessions is just the right time and intensity for unraveling, focused work and integration. It's enough time to keep up an energy without becoming fatigued or disenchanted, and is enough time to become deeply aware of unconscious patterns and traumas and / or fully resolve them. As a result, I facilitate radical transformation.

Most of my clients report their physical and emotional symptoms as “completely resolved” after one cycle of 6 sessions. Usually they will want to go deeper and do another cycle because they are feeling empowered to do more for themselves and their families. KIMIYAHEALING.co.uk


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