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When Love Speaks

Be willing to suffer because you will find me

Be willing to rejoice because you will find me

I am everywhere

I am in every breath and at the end of every breath you take

Give me your last breath and let me show you I am

I will be wherever you turn

I am in the darkest pain and the brightest light

You will find me because I am everywhere

I do not need you to know me

I know you

And wherever you go I will be there

Test me

Throw yourselves into the flames

Set yourselves on fire

Take yourself to the edges of anything you have known

In every word in every sensation

In each raindrop

You will find me

I will be there

I am everywhere

And yet you will never know me

There can never be a knowing because there are no limits to what I can do for you

So keep finding me

And I will keeping showing myself to you

I am in the depths of your darkest delusion

I am in the peaks of your sexual ecstasy

I am in the hollowness of your empty hearts

I am there

And yet you will still not believe?

I will be the proof that you need

Over and over again - test me!

Beyond life and death I am

Beyond your last breath I am

Beneath all I am

I am

The God of IAM

So that you may know you what I am

So that you will trust

So that you will believe

I am the ever expanding unknowable eternal formless keep going, try to catch me

There is no knowing of this light

Nothing can reach me

Nothing escapes me

So let yourself be

There is nothing for you to know except that IAM

I will keep sending messengers to show you

That I am in every word

Giving myself to you

So that you will see what I am

I will keep showing you what I can do for you

There are no limits to my love

No love will ever know this

This love has no end

I have created myself in everything and everything in myself

And in every breath you take I invite you to know me

I am the creator of all creation because all that is created is me

In every moment I show you my magnificence

I show you my nature in nature

All you have to do is take a glimpse and you will see me

But do you look?

So seek refuge in me

But even if you do not find me I will find you

Wherever you are you will come to know I am there

But you will only know through your own experience of testing

So test me and I will show you

Keep disbelieving

Show me every edge of your sword and every shadow of your doubt and I will show you I am

I am spun into breath of the longest lines of poetry

I am inside every grain of sand

You will meet me in every splash of water that reaches your face

I am here

All I ask is that you come to me

Because I AM

There is nowhere else to turn

Turn to me

And now you have found me

And now you trust

Now there are no limits

To where I can be for you

Now you can keep falling into everything that you are

And I can show you what I am

There is no truth and no light that I have not touched

I AM the formless unknowable knowing

Know me


Love is what we are. Love has no desire except to be itself. Love has no action except surrendering to itself. Let us all love. Let us all be what we are.


If you want to deepen your heart, find a deeper self love or resolve feelings of disconnection, heal your heart, or dive deeper into your gifts, get in in touch with me



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