What exactly is a Wild Feminist?

I've never considered myself a feminist before let alone a wild feminist. The term feminist just doesn't even do it for me. But Wild Feminist. Now that's something. The Wild Feminist for me is beyond ideals, beyond equalising up with men, beyond the concept and notion of femininity. The wild feminist lives in men and women.

The Wild Feminist is about the wild. She is aligned with her own primordial knowing. She is at home in the dark, as she is in the light. She sees the unknown as a fertile land of opportunity because she trusts in her ability to be resilient, to face mystery and to create.

The Wild Feminist is a radical human. A radical human believes in themselves. Not just any belief. But an unwavering conviction.

The Wild Feminist bows to the law of nature and then completely rewrites them. She is nature itself, creating itself. There are no templates, no boxes. There is only infinite possibility.

The Wild Feminist dances with all. With every aspect of life and its wonder. The Wild Feminist doesn't apologise for her greatness. She just is. The wild feminist is alive and within us all.

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