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We have created this war on consciousness

There is a war on consciousness. It is raging right now. It is the same war of duality that rages within the inherent fabric of human being. It takes a warrior to enter war. The WAR is WITHIN. No, this is not something that is happening to us, against our will or without our knowledge. In fact we are deeply involved in the shady secrets that seem to surprise us. We are inherently part of the intelligence that we feel governs us. We are it. We are creating ourselves, right here, right now, in the pits of everything we throw our own disgust at in disbelief. The idea that anything is happening against our will is the ancient voice of human victimhood that we keep alive inside without even knowing. The idea that something happens against our will, is the surface level delusion of the ego. Believe this- it is our creation. In every moment we are consuming ingesting digesting metabolising absorbing and excreting. Whether it’s food drink ideas emotions thoughts - anything and everything. The idea of boundaries is valid at a certain point, but collective consciousness permeates even the most impenetrable barrier. What we consume unconsciously and don’t process metabolise or absorb wisdom from creates us. We suffer together whether we like it or not because behind the notion of separation we are inherently part of a singular field which is processing at the same time. The entities and institutions that seem to have total control over us know this very well. Infact they not only are aware of it, they are consciously working with this depth of reality selling you who you think you need to be, maintaining you as who you think you are, and quite literally governing your identity, subtly without you even noticing. We are only sovereign when we are making our own choices, deep in the realm of vibrational structures and landscapes that most don’t dare visit within themselves. These same leaders institutions media companies wars famines climate disasters that we have become dependent on externalising in order to survive the truth of our own shadow selves, are now here showing us what we did. Do we dare look? The sour energetic reality is, we created them and in return they create us. Did we create them knowing that they would one day be creating consciousness structures much faster than us? No. We just put our sovereignty moment by moment into the towers instead of the roots. Into the outside rather than the inside. Now they tell us how to think, how to feel, how to be, they tell us what’s morally right and wrong, what’s good and bad, they excite us and trigger us into co creating them. I cannot tell u the unbearable depths of pain, that this holds. I have touched it. It is enough to make you mad instantly. And at the same time the love and mercy of CHOICE that also lives here, alongside, I have touched that too. It is enough to make you mad, instantly. The mind cannot be here for long enough. The mind doesn’t not exist here. The visible outside structures now exist without our conscious awareness even though we are unconsciously feeding them, because what we have created is so far deeper than what we are willing to acknowledge as collective consciousness. What we have created is a monster, it is a civil war on consciousness that WE had no idea would turn on US except we had EVERY intention that it would, so that we could finally, finally, finally, after generations of rejecting our own power as humanity, be forced deeper inside, to find ourselves again. To say woah holy fuck my entire being is a product of ego control and illusion because our collect heart got LOST. Because we gave up on our own sovereignty. Because We resigned inner spiritual integrity for material security and identity. Because We are FUCKING CRUEL and also UNIMAGINABLY MERCIFUL. In each breath we take our own poison and we sip our own medicine. This is not an analogy. It is an energetic reality. Whether we are conscious or not of it dictates whether we allow ourselves medicine or more poison. Poison has great purpose, do not be afraid. It will put you to sleep so fast, the pain of your own unconsciousness will eventually wake you up. Sleep by poison is not a safe rest. The only safe space from this wretched cycle of constant co creation is complete and utter surrender. Cessation of breath. Death. Except death has no doors. They don’t open and let you in to a destination. It is a constant, dropping of ground. Just when you think you are dead - WHAT I am NOT- there is movement here, so you do deeper to find a new floor. A higher level of heaven, as it became termed. Only so that you can rest. Eventually we a graced a moment of rest in death. And we want to stay there for eternity. There, there is a light so peaceful, the games of snake and ladder that we call reality appear like cartoons.

The prisons that kept our ancestors caged, that kept us limited in our own self belief appear like grains of sand falling through the fingers of a palm overflowing with light. There, nothing at all moves. You watch the hologram but you are no longer part of it. It is a tiny break, before you dive in again, to be part of the cosmic washing machine of humanities evolution.

We dive in again and again, incarnating over and over transmuting form, rock, river, human, star because WE LOVE HUMANITY so deeply we would never betray it by turning away.

Yes, this is a cruel, cruel world. And it will become more so. The message is also loud and clear: We created it. This is a harsh, harsh lesson. But we are learning it. Why? So we can begin again, to take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY for the things we are so disgusted by, for what we reject as not “us” which are actually, entirely us. So that we LEARN to love ourselves deeper.

You want the medicine? Find your shadow and love it.

This is a personal and collective process of consciousness elevation. To be able to integrate all as one in a world of contest and contempt is to find and create our own reality. Now the message has been delivered. IT IS YOU. Stop fighting yourself. Accept it. And as soon as you do that, you give yourself choice.

Consciousness is a closed system. THAT is where the mercy is. It is a closed system because everything is crying out to be transmuted. What we see manifest is the symptom of humanity turning away from the deep end of self consciousness and seeking a separate other to understand the truth of ONE . And yes, once you go deep enough inside and get to the roots of your own creation, vibration and possession, you will beg for death to come quickly. This here never ends. This here is an endless stream of mercy. Realising it and embodying it is the enlightenment. Enlightenment is a permanent state. We choose whether to dive in or dip a toe. The light is here, the peace is here and the mercy is here. It always has been.


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