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COVID as a collective healing journey

We are living through truly exceptional times. COVID-19 and the lock down may have kept us indoors, but the crisis has swung open the doors of duality forcing us to stare into this unending dance of shadow and light.

This crisis has swung open the doors of duality

The dance of light and dark is real. The prisons and the freedoms are also real. All perspectives and viewpoints are valid reality because they are held as real by the collective and therefore trickle into the collective consciousness. My clients are reflecting the collective polarization too. Some are struggling more than ever to regulate their emotions and self soothe; their minds spiral into self-defeating thoughts and their hearts are weighed down by emotions of the past and concerns about the future. Some have become so sick they’ve lost their well-paying jobs. I can’t help but feel this is a collective “dark night of the soul”. This crisis has swung open the doors of duality, forcing us to stare into this unending dance of shadow and light. I can’t help but feel this is a collective dark night of the soul.

Others, particularly those who have been healing for a while now, are surprised by their own sense of relief and inner strength. Whilst they face the same challenges, job losses and bereavement, somehow they are able to see it as a release rather than a removal, as a blessing rather than a burden. Their newfound sense of optimism about the world and their place in it is actually changing their entire identity. No longer willing to be victims, they are suddenly stepping into their power.


Client case: healing the divine masculine

One of my clients last week told me he wanted to work with psychedelics; he wanted to experience something that would shift him and take everything painful away. I was surprised. This period we are in right now, on all dimensions of experience – from the physical to the energetic – is probably the longest trip/journey/purge/vision quest/initiation/multidimensional experience of our lives.

What wasn't he experiencing?

I asked him what he wasn’t willing to see right now, given everything that is happening and how much there is to experience, that leads him to seek an alternative experience. It was all on the table, available for him to feel. What was he avoiding? The question landed.

He put his head in his hands and began to cry.

It is often not easy for men to cry, especially not in front of a woman, or a therapist. His rage started to be expressed through his tears.

I invited him to get a pillow and to scream. I had been working with him for a while and this was the final bit of permission he needed. He let out the screams of a thousand lifetimes. An enslaved, caged, shamed, and rageful masculine collective burden embodied and felt. He didn’t just do it for himself, he did it for every man that doesn’t have the strength to release it and, is instead, being bound by it unconsciously.

Eventually, he sat up straight and breathed deeply, his body more free and empty and his heart softer and feeling. I worked to support his root space to ground even deeper, align and energise his spine all the way to his crown and began to anchor the stillness of the divine masculine energy that characterizes his highest self.

As it awakened within him, it made him more upright in his spine and in his very being. He felt more sure of himself. His inner smile radiated through his heart and his body. The shame was gone. The anger was gone.

Psychedelic healing work is profound

Psychedelic healing work is profound. It allows us to visit places within ourselves that are otherwise too hidden, too painful to be with, and too soul destroying. The purges in plant medicine ceremonies help us release energetic density and stagnation and toxic blocks that impede our purity and our flow, our highest creativity. However, where we are right now in this pandemic - this is healing work from the divine on a scale we have not seen for many generations.

Not only are we getting the integration space by having to stay at home (we all know the feeling of having to catch the tube and sit in front of a computer a few days after a deep awakening experience), so now we have time. We have time to rewrite our story as individuals and together create health, harmony, and balance in a way that fulfills us and takes us to a deeper, more connected place together. This is the path back home to our souls.

This trip is life and death

The times we are living through are transforming us quicker than we even realize. It’s often only when we have a guide or a mentor, or a therapist, or a really good friend that we can sometimes let ourselves see how far we’ve come.

This trip is life and death, it is existential and provocative. It contains enough triggers every day to help us completely purify not just ourselves but our entire lineages and to turn over our identity at least several times. This is a free trip. Please use it wisely.


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