The purpose of pain is your purpose

In the deep

Pain always reveals its true purpose

But if you never deeply heal

You don't unravel your ego layers

You won't see this

How much of you right now is living?

How much of you is living your deepest and highest potential?

Have you settled?

Become comfortable?

Become a good friend of mediocrity?

Resigned to a half hearted career

That feeds your bank balance

But drains your soul

Stumbling through a 'relationship' Where fear of change and insecurity bonds you together

In a fragile illusion of connection

That leaves you more disconnected from yourself

And further away from your potential

You change your life when you heal yourself

Your healing is your inner evolution

Transmuting your pain is your conscious choice

Uncovering your purpose is your reason to exist

The impact you make on the world is your legacy

So start living

Drop your mask Slay your ego Set your heart on fire

Live an alive life

Heal your pain

Live your purpose.