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The Dance of Being

We only resist to exist 

To feel alive 

Because that is all we can comprehend 

The essence of true existence is beyond perception

I am not 

I am doesn't exist 

There is no I

There only we

Only us

We are it

Everything, and nothing 

We are not alive and we don't die 

We dance with the paradox of life

We are only shapes and colour

There is no male or female

Our essence is without words or form 

There’s no tears and no laughter

Everything is just as it is

An expression of being, in motion

There is no joy and no pain

There is nothing

True essence is not alive or dead 

It is beyond the language we have created 

We are in infinite evolution 

A perfect flow of harmony 

Our screams, cries and laughter

Create the song together 

We are the song, the sung and the creator

We exist to be it all SAFA


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