Healing In Utero Stress

In utero stress alters the developing foetus' neurological pathways affecting health and identity as well as susceptibility to stress.

Our physical, genetic and psychological form is influenced by ancestral imprints and the parental field. Particularly our birth mother / carrier whose womb held and developed us for a certain period.

If our mother or carrier was calm and peaceful, connected to their body and empowered our nervous system is imprinted with that vibration.

If there was sustained anxiety, worry, illness, uncertainty, pain, distress in conception and during pregnancy and birth, the nervous system and fascia, and corresponding organs will hold this energy.Trauma can be traced back 14 generations before we were born according to epigenetics.

In-utero stress can result in a range of conditions that sometimes show up in children but also are only evident later on in life. Some of these are below:

 Preterm delivery

 Low birth weight

 Attachment issues

 Anxiety

 Depression

 Learning disabilities

 Problems with attention

 Problems with emotional


 Low self-esteem

 Conduct disorders

The difficult thing for adults is that the in utero stress is often unconscious and buried under many layers of other trauma. It can often take time to for this to come to awareness.

In utero stress can be healed by revisiting the energetic embryo and its imprint that lives in your field, and associating emotional relations that exist within you and have driven your life.

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