Heal your spine, heal yourself

If you want to live well, heal your spine. Your spinal health reflects both your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual harmony and reality. I call the spine a communication highway. It can either be a highway to heaven or a highway to hell. 

When communication is unwanted / rejected because the sensations and impulses reveal fear, memories and difficult emotions, the brain and spine adapt to protect the person from overwhelm. 

Initially this is helpful as it supports immediate survival, but if the shock is never processed and the dynamic is sustained for many years, eventually these visceral and emotional sensations and messages (that are waiting to be transformed into self insight) become muffled and muted.

Image: Dendritic Spine

Dendritic spines are tiny little mushroom like protrusions from cell neurons that transmit electrical signals to the cell body. When they cluster in rich networks it’s known as spine density.

The less that’s processed (the more that’s suppressed and somatically buried) the lower the spinal density. The lower the spinal density the harder it is for messages to be transmitted and for the limbic system to process fear. 

The system will feel incredibly heavy, sluggish, the brain will be cloudy, there will be a deep and pervasive body disconnection and a constant state of inner fear that prevents deeper emotional presence with self. Sensation will feel threatening, tapping on the door of emotion will feel devastating and memories will be fragmented and incoherent. The meaning making is based on avoidance of embodied truth and generates further stress in the system and increases the incongruence between body-mind-spirit.

Trauma needs to be healed through the nervous system and the body if there is to be lasting change and embodiment. 


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