God consciousness

The question is not: 'How can I reach God consciousness / enlightenment?'

The question is: 'What will I need to sacrifice in order to stay there?'

The path is sacrifice

The path is surrender

Sacrifice is cessation of all desire

Desire is ego, inherent lack and creates movement

You cannot know yourself as that which holds all movement, when you are moving

You cannot experience yourself as all that is, when you are in a state of lack

To continue to embody the creator you must be willing to give yourself up To surrender all to all To become undone To see the truth of desire And to give it up This is your destruction And your creation

How else will you become close to the creator? This is how you learn to love your own creation. You are only ever being taken deeper. You are only ever being handed your God Greatness every single day. If you could see it with your own eyes you would lose your mind immediately.

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