Enlightenment - The Reality

Many people see enlightenment as a destination. A place they can arrive at where all their problems fade away and everything falls into place.

What they are really looking for here is rest - because the state of doing is a state of battle. Battles are exhausting and people find themselves saying, 'When will this be over, when will I be happy, when will I feel [insert].'

Lets get rid of the myth that there is a destination or 'healed state' because there isn't. The more you surrender to infinity, the more you realise you can surrender to infinity. The potential is limitless.

The deeper you go into your healing journey, the more you will become aware that it is a journey with three major components.

1) Self Love

2) Self Responsibility

3) Surrender These all have degrees of depth and interpretation based on your position and level of awareness but the point is, there is no end to the love you can give yourself, the responsibility you can take and the surrender you can allow.

Enlightenment is the ability to constantly and consistently take the sacred message of your shadows and inner discomfort and use them to learn about yourself, to heal and to rise in your greatness. The purpose of darkness is to show you where you have become blind to yourself, to your inherent self power.

Enlightenment is the ability to constantly and consistently take the sacred message of your shadows and inner discomfort and use them to grow beyond your edges

As you get more used to the process of inner healing, u will work faster and faster because you will have replaced fear with mercy. You will no longer resist your inner emotions or feelings. You will flow through all. A feeling of difficulty will become an opportunity to rise within yourself. That is enlightenment. Sorry to break it to you. It is INFINITE. The deeper you go within, into peace, the more is revealed, the more you surrender. The more you surrender the more is revealed. Miracle after miracle becomes your lived experience. That is enlightenment. So stop chasing platforms and destinations. Instead, find a deeper self love, take responsibility for your emotions and thoughts and surrender to the healing sensations that come through your body in sessions or in your meditation. Enjoy the journey

Safa x

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