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Breaking Open: Why collapse comes before rebirth

The ECB are pumping 750BILLION EUR into the european market and have lifted any caps on how much sovereign and corporate debt they can buy. This is the equivalent of a very rich version of me coming into your poor home and saying 'I will buy everything you have, for a rock bottom price right now' . Because you have no choice and no money to fix anything you will sell it to me at the price I dictate. You'll have a little cash to play with, but you won't be able to do any fundamental fixes. So, who owns you now? How will you escape the stronghold of debt? The answer is, you won't, ever. Not under this model. You cannot. We are doing the same thing we did in 2008. Over 4 years since the last financial crisis the ECB pumped 2.6 TRILLION EUR into the market. What did that do for Italy, Spain, Portugal and Greece? QE is an emergency measure that has been extended because we have run out of monetary policy options. It buys some time, but does nothing fundamentally for the real economy. Instead, it does EVERYTHING to inflate asset prices. It is the equivalent of keeping someone in a coma, because you don't want to let them die. Is it cruel or will they wake up one day? You decide. . Singapore has now gone into recession overnight for the first time in 10 years. US jobless claims are expected to reach 2008 crisis levels.

Decades of greed, entitlement, public health mismanagement, political blindsightedness and international human rights atrocities as a result of a collective fear mindset and a clutching to outdated and fragile identities now stare back at us in the mirror. Many of us are now looking.

The true scale of social inequality, health ignorance, economic un sustainability and environmental toxicity is now being revealed.

Why? Because it no longer works and we can do better. It works for some, but not for most. Most have been suffering in silence, powerless. Somewhere deep down inside we all know this but we only pay real attention when suffering knocks on our door.

We don't know what better looks like because we have not been truly open enough to allow any vision of a new world to enter our awareness. We have made do. We have been self serving. Now we are being shown that is not enough for us to survive.

Perhaps we need collapse to let go of everything we considered our entitlement and birthright and to be open to a vision of a new world.

If this does not lead humanity to re-evaluate its values, nothing will. We must let this move us.

Look within, feel your inner compass directing you towards a clear path. Open your heart to your soul's work, a little thing each day that enlivens you and makes you smile from the inside.

We only ever heal deep wounds at the root cause when we are truly in it, living it, drowning in it, down on our knees with nothing else left to distract us or save us, except ourselves. That is when we break open.

'You have to keep breaking your heart until it opens'



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