Spirit Initiates: You are being prepared

OCTOBER 2020: SPIRIT INITIATES / YOU ARE BEING PREPARED: Pineal glands and third eyes are being cleared and rebalanced for a totally new dimension that invites you to stay within. Space is being made behind the eyes and hearts are being deepened as ever expanding kingdoms of ecstasy, peace and divine miracle are revealed. Crowns are being fitted for new leaders carrying ancient and sacred secrets.

Cellular and psychological toxicity at a deep level is being released. Ancient knots once thick as rope are being untied like shoe laces. You will know from your own healing how you are now rapidly alchemising generations of falsehood and fear. You can feel it in your bones- change for you is near. Believe in yourself.

This is the second call. The wailing souls are being lifted from the earth. Can u feel them clutching? They will grab your legs like children. They know not how to let go, nor how to stay and be. They know only their own torment. Self imposed limits and a marriage to their own mind act like suffocating ceilings lowering down in their chests. Pray for them to be released in compassion and mercy so that they may return again, with more peace in their hearts. . This will be a painful purge for those who have turned away from themselves. Those who have not made their hearts a pure, still and peaceful place to be will be shaken like a leaf in the wind as they clutch onto external people and places to find refuge. Nothing from the outside can soothe a wound of self delusion except truth that is spoken and felt in mercy, and allowed to transform.

A simple truth that can take lifetimes to digest is here: -When you seek each day to love yourself unconditionally you will free yourself each day from all conditions. Sleep is the cousin of death and each day you will begin again. -Nothing can save you from hating yourself. Except you deciding to love yourself. No therapist, no job, no lover, no parent, no lottery. You are the justice you seek. -Nothing can set you free, except your own willingness to see and feel your own cages and make a choice to turn the key. - Finally, when you expect an external person or structure to save you, you relinquish your power and create an enmeshment that perpetuates the strength of your cage.

For those who are willing, accept your preparation. Be with your body and learn from every unraveling. Lean on the mercy and grace that allows this to be a process and not a sudden end. Keep finding the ground. Right now it is ever shifting but you can follow it down deeper. Keep going, it will take you to safety in the grave. There all is still. Ground into this. Rest here. In your stripping bare this month recognise you are being adorned. Light is being woven into your field. Take off your costumes and accept the raw nakedness that comes with being in receipt and creation of this depth of divine love.