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Personal Womb Story: Submerged with a Mermaid.

If you've been following you'll know I'm in my own alchemical process to master my flow.

Transmuting and redirecting energy towards and away from certain physiological processes to other energetic ones has been especially easy in Ramadan.

It is the month where Alchemy is accelerated.

Digestion is a heavy process energetically and this month we are granted the ease of catalysing our creation and absorption of light, rather than density.

Last night WOMB stirred. It's 4 days before my next bleed is due. It was 2am and my initial thought was 'is this period pain?' which is unusual for me

I connected to WOMB and embraced the swirling. Instead of pain I found tenderness. As I let this tenderness embrace me a bright red apple appeared. I bit into it, juices flowed, a balance of sweet and sharp clarity poured down my lips. Realising I was eating an apple inside my own womb, was bizarre for my mind but somewhere inside was a feeling of' this is home.

Then a purring sensation pulled me in. A black ocean appeared, my body floating on top. The sky was black. The water was black. Everything was black.

I bobbed on top. Relaxed. Hanging out. Then I got curious about what's below this ocean I'm bobbing on top. Suddenly a mermaid appeared, half cheeky half trickster she urged me to go underwater with her. I resisted until I couldn't fight the pull anymore. Before I knew it, I was submerged under water, holding hands with a mermaid swimming fast under the sea.

Then we stopped in the deep and she commanded me to dance. My eyes were open but my cheeks were puffed out. I only learnt to swim last summer. I didn't want to dance under water. My resistance built until again. I felt like I might burst. Suddenly my body began to move, dance, turn itself inside out but so fast I could only watch it. Everything became a rapid blur. My body started disappearing into the ocean as it dissolved into the black water.


Then there was silence. I was back to the scene of the vast black ocean which was gently bobbing. My body no longer floated on top.

Am I the wave? I asked

No a voice replied

Am I the bobbing of the ocean? I asked

No came the reply

'I can't see myself, I'm not there. Am I nothing?' I asked

Then a voice replied 'You are everything'


I rested my finger on the lips of my yoni as light as a feature.

I felt my womb embrace my finger energetically.

What a strange sensation! It was just like a newborn baby sucking! I stayed there for a while, feeling the precious energy of a new born baby until I fell back into a deep slumber.

I bow to WOMB. The infinite mystery of all that is.

The RUMI quote fits. Become nothing. Become everything.



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