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The art of Womb

'The process of creating art is often described in quasi-mystical terms, whereby the artist-as-shaman unleashes or channels special creative powers in a process of making that transports the viewer to a different realm of the imaginary. Given these affinities between the roles of art and spirituality, it is unsurprising that spirituality is an enduring feature of contemporary art.'

Below, are participant's artistic creations inspired by their journey in Womb Room™

Womb Room Art Kimiya Healing
Liza Fonkatz, 2020
Womb Room Art Kimiya Healing
Ziyaan Zoutenberg, 2021
South Africa
Womb Room Art Kimiya Healing
Liza Fonkatz, 2021
Tori Budd, 2021
'Light is consciousness'
Ziyaan Zoutenberg, 2021
South Africa
Liza Fonkatz, 2021
'The void, the void, the void!'
Tori Budd, 2021
Safa Boga
''The End is the Beginning"
Hattie Williams, 2021
''Channel of Embodiment"

I was walking the labyrinth before and before and before
trying to catch the glimpse of the Death
for I knew I had been in love with Her
But than wisdom came, a light coming through tiniest of the hands
and melted sorrow, horror and isolation
and I realized the walls were just shadows in the Holy desert of Fire,
Suddenly I was in an open space, so yearned,
breathing in depth I felt the Death was walking with me hand in hand all the time,
being just another side of the coin, called Life.

Ana Krauthaker, 2021


Gunnar Tryggvason, 2021
''Perceive and Receive"
Seta Cura, 2021
"In Stillness and in Flow"

Meredith Guthrie, 2021
Natasha Hockney, 2021
"Throat Chakra Opens

Immie Miller, 2021
"Star burst"


The Softening 

The softening will feel hard
Dearmouring will feel like battle
Rattling memories and timelines
Bringing your face to the hurt

Smashing all you’ve grown to know
The happy will feel sad as the grief has its way
As the snow melts around your heart
You want to shut it down
so it can never hurt again

Reality will not be given fact
You’ll do everything you can to prove your pain
Your burning scripts right somehow
Want to tear down your very own lovechild

Clean presence will feel engulfing

Maybe you left yourself for someone else
Ate their pain and made it your own
Forgot your care for life
Made it mean you were unworthy

The truth is no one ever left
We weren’t taught these things
It’s not your fault
The vaults of love were well guarded
There’s no place for the faint of heart

You’ll see how strong you really are
That’s part of the deal
It will feel like dying
Like heart pounding, tectonic body shaking anxiety and fear are never going to end

The kindness will sting
Presence will purge you

To make space
You will think you’re going crazy
You will
You will feel you’ve been estranged
You are
Just as river flows to sea
You’ll be lost to your former self

As identity merges and sips from the formless
You’ll want to leave, give up

Then you’ll shift and flow again
Find a rhythm with your heart to guide
Surrender cracks you open

The rawness gets befriended
It gets easier
To hold on
Trust becomes you

The tides keep turning
You ride the waves to new shores
Behold yourself there waiting
To welcome you
Are so much more than enough

You are

Magical, playful, luminous one
Unlearning all that would block your sight

Reforging pathways of joy
Connection, cosiness, cocoons
To birth from

Sacred alchemist
That home feeling is
Who you are

In your arms and in the arms of another
You rest in God’s heart
Alone or together,
All one.

Natalie Santana, 2021


Simone Stahli,
"Ancestral Healing"

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