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Womb Room is the space that takes me straight into death- my ego death. By rebirthing in Womb Room I have now spiralled into my greatest self! This has led me to the magic and endless flow of love and creation within me.  Womb Room is the most potent healing container I've ever experienced

Anon, USA

WOMB ROOM is a path of deep and mad inner evolution. It will rebirth you until you are truly YOU.​ Safa's sharing of her own journey during the live sessions gave me an example of what authentic shadow work really is. The Great Father frequency session opened a door to finally loving my father, which I didn't think would happen anytime soon. This has been a huge shift in my healing journey and my life. The alchemy sessions where we healed each other in the field were absolutely life changing!

Anon, USA

Stunning! I've had the most incredible break-through. I felt into the darkness that has no words, and got gifted by the highest light in frequency through my ancestors, my inner child and the magic of the universe. I am so grateful to have done this depth of shadow integration- I now love my shadow! My shadow healing has brought me into the light of God. It has been liberation for my ancestors, my family and myself. It has brought peace and inner freedom in my divines lines.  My sacred femininity is now so real and I feel so honoured to have had Safa's guidance throughout this journey. This healing  is so rich!

Anon, USA

Safa's spiritual perception and energetic knowledge is vast, unique and it has all come through her own healing explorations and experiences.

She has helped me to more deeply see and connect with my own healing gifts and abilities. She has enabled me to become the best version of myself.

In just 8 weeks I have had a life changing experience!


Seta, UK

I had an amazing healing experience with Safa.

I didn’t know what to expect but I can say it went beyond anything I could have ever imagined!

I felt grounded, back in control of my body and my life and I felt my heart wide open and so much more expanded!  Love and appreciation for your work


Andrea, Greece

Safa is a very intuitive and gifted healer! She leaves you feeling lighter, more energised and reconnected. She is able to provide you with both the spiritual and emotional guidance you are seeking.

I can’t wait for more!

My father suffers from Parkinson's and recently saw a consultant who was, well, to put it bluntly, uninterested and useless. All the doctors we have seen just say, 'let's up his medication.' 


Safa was amazing -as was her treatment.  She was kind, empathetic and above all she showed intense care.


Over a number of weeks I witnessed things that I have not seen in 8 years of visiting doctors. 


The healing was nothing less than amazing!

I personally witnessed this healing on my father first hand as she was performing the work.


The impact on my dad's quality of life was just unbelievable. 

Humza, UK

Since I first met Safa she has not only helped me, my body and my soul but has become a vital part in my son's recovery. Every time I take Leonardo to Safa, he relaxes instantly and is happy to co-operate with her despite his young age of 21 months.


Safa knows how to connect with my son and has done amazing work in getting him to release not only his physical tension and pain but also to let go of some of his birth trauma.


Alongside his very complex medical history and ongoing health issues, Safa has become his safe haven.

You can clearly see the relief in his face and the amount of smiles he shares with her says it all. I could go on and on but I will finish up by saying that my son is at his most peaceful state during and after a session with Safa.


I am so grateful to witness this healing miracle every week. Thank you Safa / Kimiya Healing!

I've been suffering from headaches and neck pain for years and noticed it getting progressively worse.


Safa helped me to figure out that I was holding on to alot of things emotionally. She picked up on certain emotions I was carrying which had been really making me feel down.


My first session was very emotional but deeply healing all at the same time.


Safa is so intuitive, compassionate and kind in her approach. She really is full of knowledge.


After just two sessions I felt so much lighter around my head and neck and practically skipped out of there!

WOW! I have just met Safa for the first time and as soon as we spoke I felt welcomed and comfortable with her.


Safa is an amazing person with  personal and professional experience. This clearly shows in her professional treatment.


Everything Safa does makes you feel warm and fuzzy and leaves you feeling healthier and more energised by the minute.


You can literally feel the tension and pain (physical as well as emotional) fade away and by the time you are done it's as if you have been given a fresh start with body, mind and soul.


I am so impressed by Safa's magical healing work. Highly recommended!

Safa was able to see that I had deep blockages and paternal trauma from my childhood. This is something that I have completely repressed throughout my life.


Within minutes of just the first session I experienced huge emotional releases.


Safa was able to gently and sensitively show me what was going on internally and how I could explore and face my inner demons. I really felt her shifting some heavy emotional baggage that was trapped in my body.


Most of the session was done without talking and I could tell Safa was working very intuitively. As soon as I had finished crying I felt extremely peaceful and light- there was no sadness anymore!

Since working with Safa, I am more self-aware than ever before. Safa Is so passionate about her craft and it really shows in her work. Her guidance about self-love and personal growth have inspired me to really look after myself now.


I couldn't recommend her enough!

I had an intensely wonderful healing experience with Safa.


She could feel exactly what was happening in my mind and my body!


I felt layers upon layers peeling away, lifting a weight, and lighting me up! I honestly would not have believed it.


I have since felt a lovely sense of inner calm along with emotional control -something I have not had for a long time.


Thank you so much for an incredible healing experience! 

My healing session with Safa was simply beautiful!

Her connection with Spirit has gifted her with so much insight. She tapped into deeper aspects of me and show me what I need to work on in order to heal myself. It was reassuring and yet nurturing at the same time. I now have new found clarity on my next steps ahead. Thank you Safa!

Safa is an excellent practitioner who has a lot of intuition and able to pick up on energies and messages which resonated deep within me at a subconscious level.


She was spot on with her diagnosis and her ability to communicate this helped me process some things in a way I just couldn’t before with other therapists.

I knew instantly that Safa has a lot of experience in this field. I could feel the power almost straight away.

I was looking for something to help me relieve some aches and pains and perhaps relax a little - however I received much more than that. Healing with Safa helped me feel lighter and more able to breathe easily. She helped me understand how my physical conditions and pain were related to what's going on inside me. She has a very powerful and wonderful presence. Her passion for helping others really shines through. Afterwards I felt a spring in my step and a smile on my face. All in all, it’s been a very inspiring experience!

My healing session with Safa was simply beautiful!

Her connection with Spirit has gifted her with so much insight. She tapped into deeper aspects of me and show me what I need to work on in order to heal myself. It was reassuring and yet nurturing at the same time. I now have new found clarity on my next steps ahead. Thank you Safa!

My session with Safa moved me deeply. I changed how I relate to myself.  I came away feeling clearer, more relaxed and with a deeper resting self awareness. Her approach sings a similar note to the divine expression of maternal love. Safa crafts a healing space that feels safe and nurturing with a beautiful open stillness. She seems to expand and intensify this atmosphere, with attuned poetic delivery, strong presence and a capacity for non-judgmental compassion. In my opinion this is the highest form of magic. I highly recommend Kimiya Healing. 

I was looking for something to help me relieve some aches and pains and perhaps relax a little - however I received much more than that. Healing with Safa helped me feel lighter and more able to breathe easily. She helped me understand how my physical conditions and pain were related to what's going on inside me. She has a very powerful and wonderful presence. Her passion for helping others really shines through. Afterwards I felt a spring in my step and a smile on my face. All in all, it’s been a very inspiring experience!

I had consistent neck pain and headaches which had persisted for many years.  Safa immediately made me aware of certain physical pains linked to buried emotional issues I held in certain areas of my body. She  helped me shift these. My headaches have practically gone! Safa's healing approach has been so compassionate and personal. The sessions are so powerful and yet I always feel safe with her.

I now feel so much more positive about so many aspects of my life and health.  It feels so good to be pain free!

Safa has treated myself, my husband and my daughter. Her healing has benefitted us all hugely.

I released a lot of anxiety and tension that had built up in my body. This was causing me to have neck pain and bad headaches for many years.


Mentally and physically I now feel lighter and the healing work has made such a difference to my emotional well-being. 

She is very patient and understanding and you feel at ease immediately-as did my young daughter.


 She is very passionate and gives one hundred per cent of herself. 

 I had been suffering for years with sciatic pain and despite seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis the pain and discomfort remained. Safa helped me release all my uncertainty, self doubt, self limiting beliefs and toxic patterns that I was unconsciously holding in my nervous system and spine.  I am now pain free! I feel more present within my own physical body and also clearer on where and how to love myself more.  Safa has a natural ability to tune into where healing is most needed and through working with her I have become more able to face myself and my traumas.  If you are really ready to heal and go to those places within yourself, Safa will safely and lovingly guide you there every time. 

-Lauren , UK

Wow! The sessions I have experienced have been absolutely amazing!
I didn't know my liver was holding on to so much sadness and trauma. Safa worked on healing my body and my organs. She also encouraged me to listen alongside her and watch what was being done.
The emotions, tension and fear that left me during the sessions was just incredible.
This inner peace, happiness, love and sense of wholeness will stay with me forever..
Forever grateful,

I came to visit Safa 2.5 months after an operation to remove mastitis in my right
breast failed and I was left to face additional surgery.
I was desperate, depressed and could not imagine having to go under the knife again especially after such a short period of time after my first operation.
Not only have I now resolved the recurring problem of mastitis by addressing the root causes that led to this, but I also learned how to listen and heal my body and mind. 
Thank you Safa for this incredible holistic healing journey. 

For a year I had been suffering with unexplainable pain and dysfunction in my lower legs and feet. 
My spirit had become tired and downcast. I felt like I was in a hole. As a practitioner myself this was really affecting me and my work.
In each session I had with Safa my issues lessened and my spirit began to return.
I feel like I have been saved from an eternal nightmare!
Safa's healing work is very powerful. I would recommend it to everyone. It does much more than it says on the tin.

- Max , UK

Wow! The sessions I have experienced have been absolutely amazing!
I didn't know my liver was holding on to so much sadness and trauma. Safa worked on healing my body and my organs. She also encouraged me to listen alongside her and watch what was being done.
The emotions, tension and fear that left me during the sessions was just incredible.
This inner peace, happiness, love and sense of wholeness will stay with me forever..
Forever grateful,

I came to visit Safa 2.5 months after an operation to remove mastitis in my right
breast failed and I was left to face additional surgery.
I was desperate, depressed and could not imagine having to go under the knife again especially after such a short period of time after my first operation.
Not only have I now resolved the recurring problem of mastitis by addressing the root causes that led to this, but I also learned how to listen and heal my body and mind. 
Thank you Safa for this incredible holistic healing journey. 

For a year I had been suffering with unexplainable pain and dysfunction in my lower legs and feet. 
My spirit had become tired and downcast. I felt like I was in a hole. As a practitioner myself this was really affecting me and my work.
In each session I had with Safa my issues lessened and my spirit began to return.
I feel like I have been saved from an eternal nightmare!
Safa's healing work is very powerful. I would recommend it to everyone. It does much more than it says on the tin.

- Max , UK

I honestly had no idea what I was about to experience. I decided to go in with an open mind. My mind was full, scared, anxious but after chatting and expressing myself to Safa I felt safe. I felt comfortable - like I didn’t need to bottle up anything anymore. 

Early on in the first session a swarm of emotions came across me. I experienced deep relief and a  huge weight of emotion lifted off my chest. I didn’t even realize how much pain I had held inside me, both physically and emotionally.

Afterwards I felt so light so energetic and so alive. I felt like I had been rebooted. My mind was clear and for the first time I knew what I wanted and needed to do to move forward. 

I cannot express how thankful I am. 


 Thank you for giving me this incredible opportunity to rediscover myself and lead me back on the path I thought I lost.

-Amy, France

As a sceptic and deeply rational person I had some hesitation about what I was letting myself in for.


Safa was absolutely wonderful from the beginning to the end. She communicated with me at all stages in a way that made me feel comfortable to open up and see what my body tells me, what my heart really feels.


I can now say with certainty that Safa was able to understand what my exact pain points have been and identify the root causes of the pain and tension that was held in my body. 

I now have a different perspective about what healing is and what is possible.


The whole process has brought me an inexplicable amount of inner peace and calmness that I have not experienced before.

I cannot recommend Kimiya Healing enough.

-Jo Dourou-Schrader, UK

From my initial session with Safa I instantly felt a connection to her. This was a feeling so intimate and trusting that I felt completely safe to break down and open up,  even though we had just met. 

Safa helped me to make sense of the sensations I had been feeling in my body that had been disturbing me. After just one session I felt different - there was an inner clarity, a space, a vastness... such beauty! After the second session my entire body felt flooded with life force energy. I felt a deeper connection to aspects of myself. I felt calm and lovely. After my third session I felt big releases of shame, pain and numbness from my body and heart. In their place now are new feelings of bliss, joy, love. I feel space inside and I can surrender. 

Verbally Safa is perfectly clear. She explains exactly what is happening and what she is doing at all times. When Safa works on my body I feel totally safe to trust and allow.

Safa is deeply genuine. Her knowledge and strength creates a trust where I feel completely safe and free to surrender. She is a beautiful human being who listens and seeks to understand. Her ability to empathise and understand me is uncanny, and her ability to connect is no coincidence. Safa knows. 


I would recommend Kimiya Healing to anyone living on this planet!

-Deb, UK

I came to see Safa as I have been suffering for many years with Bell's Palsy.


It has been a relaxing and enlightening experience.


I am not only enjoying the relaxing healing but also becoming more in tune with issues that I have held in my body. I recognise that that are part of my wellness journey.


Definitely recommend!

-Caroline Goodchild, UK

I thought I had worked through a lot of things in my life and that I had nothing major to heal.


However, when Safa started working on me, I could clearly feel my inner fear, my trapped pains and body tensions being released.


I was speechless by the work that was done. It was amazing. This woman has magical perception. 

I don’t know how she does it but she sees the pain, fears and other emotions trapped deep within the body.

I will be going back and taking my partner. 

- Dile Zyle, UK

I came to see Safa for chronic pain and mobility issues related to my knee. 


In several sessions Safa completely relieved my aches and pains and also my emotional tension. She helped me understand what's going on inside me at a deeper level and how this was related to my knees.


I now feel so much better in myself.


Thank you Safa!

I would highly recommend Kimiya Healing!

- Christine Gwee, Singapore

It has been powerful beyond anything I have ever experienced.


I've been through a ride in hell that has now given me deep visceral knowing that this is my path. 


I am wide open, questioning over and over again - everything.

Pat Schurr, Switzerland

It's been an initiation of everything in my life - not just my work as a somatic therapist but my whole life and my whole world.


I've never experienced such deep healing work in my whole life.


It is life-changing.


I have goosebumps writing this

-Simone Stahli, Switzerland

I experienced a beautiful healing journey in Womb Room


I was nourished by Safa's sharing, wisdom and ability to hold space so beautifully and powerfully. It brought me deep healing and spiritual awakening.


This continues to unfold even after the programme.

Gratitude dear Safa, for the generous offering of your gift

Mani Hirani, UK

I didn’t know anything about healing and to be honest, I attended the first session with scepticism. 


In just my first session I realised that merely in the presence of Safa I felt very safe and protected. This is a feeling I have never experienced before with any previous therapists. 


This helped me to open up more and start seeking answers to some questions that I have been grappling with for many years which had left me surrounded by insecurity.


I can say that healing with Safa changed my inner self in radical ways.


It placed my entire body in a state that I have never experienced before.


 I'm a wholly new person now. 


Thank you. 

-Daniel Stanciulescu, UK

From childhood all I have been seeking is my purpose and self worth. I became addicted to this search in the un healthiest way.

You can do all the plant medicine, purge and think you are done but the truth is, you're not and you know it.

This is where Safa comes in.


My spirit is now awakening and I’m actually starting to make sense of things, with my own inner compass but guidance from Safa, my Spirit Guide.


If you want a one word recommendation -this is “life-changing”.

-Acta UK

I can’t put it into words.


I have never experienced such a deep connection within myself! My own Womb spoke to me and said: “I am here, I am here”

My personal history, ancestral messages, deeper alignment, forgiveness and my truth and voice are all that I have discovered in my short time healing with Safa.

I have loved every minute of this healing work.

 Would I recommend Safa…YES!

-Pauline, UK

Through this healing programme I came face to face with my deepest shadows. I met the trauma, my fear, shame, terror and all the toxic energy surrounding them that I had held inside me for so many years.

Through these sessions the toxins and tensions were discarded from every part of me. They flushed and gushed out of me. My body moved and writhed around in the releasing. I let go like I've never let go before. 


Safa held the deepest space for me throughout this whole process and she liberated all this negative, unwanted, old, energy from me. She was completely focused and rooted and stayed by my side whilst finally every last drop of the murky dirty water was released.

Safa holds a safe and powerful healing field. I could feel that I was being held in total non judgement- the safest of spaces. I have no fear with Safa. because I can feel her unconditional love. 

After so many years holding trauma from my childhood in my body, I could not have ever imagined feeling this calmness and newness within me!


As I write this I'm sending love and healing to every cell and organ in my body.


I'm self reflecting and building an awareness and love of myself that is brand new.

-Diane, UK

I hadn't considered distance healing before. Surely it couldn't be as potent or beneficial as hands on healing?


Oh how wrong was I!

I was amazed at the depth of releasing that happened during the  group healing sessions.


The depths of spaciousness I felt within my internal world, and the soothing balm sent by Safa and the universe was felt by all of us in that group I should imagine.


I was beyond intrigued!


I then did the Womb Room rebirthing programme.


I cannot recommend this enough if you are ready to to connect with yourself deeply and to really  heal.

-Daria, UK

Wow. Where to begin?


I came to Safa having already had great and extensive somatic healing experiences in modalities such as Cranio Sacral Therapy and Osteopathy.


In just our first session I started shaking uncontrollably. I immediately released a huge amount of deep fear that had been boiling within me for so many years - since my childhood. Fear beyond words.

Safa has the softest, most intelligent energetic perception and deepest heart. She allowed me to release this rage and connect with my inner child's beauty.

From then on, the healing sessions became a spiritual pilgrimage for me. 


Her voice has now become a voice of wisdom in my head. I ask myself often when I need guidance, 'Come on, what would Safa say?'


I'm left with a deeper awareness and self acceptance that in all honesty, I wouldn’t have been able to even conceive of without Safa's  healing work.


I must say, go and book her now while you can- because soon she'll be going to places where we won’t be able to follow her so closely. 


People as precious as Safa come into our lives as rarely as a solar eclipse. 


Bless yourself, let Kimiya do the healing, and thank me later.

-Abe, UK

Before Womb Room I was struggling with my life's priorities and purpose. I was really trying to figure out what it is that I actually do and want to do.  It felt elusive and unclear. 


I can say, of all the courses I've ever signed up to, Kimiya Healing has brought the limitless to life for me.


I am breaking apart because this is most important thing that's happened to me.


 Yes, I am reborn!


In all the depths and intricacies lies the majestic infinite for us to explore.


We are of womb now, thanks to you.

-James, UK

I was unsure about myself, energetically, spiritually and emotionally. This was affecting me personally and professionally. I had worked with many experienced energy healers and body workers over the years and am a practitioner myself.


I decided to do a 1-1 programme and I also participated in Womb Room.


Wow, what a potent time it was! Safa is pure brilliance. 


In every session Safa tuned into me instantly even from a distance. Her ability to feel my physical body and energy system at each moment was amazing .


I felt deeply  held in her supportive field which let me feel more deeply into myself. Safa showed me all my entanglements and offered questions and insights which brought me understanding and awakened spiritual clarity.

She gave me the freedom to explore, unearth and learn more about myself energetically. 

Quickly I felt all my blocks dissolve and a clear sense of purpose came through. 

Safa sparkles with clarity, truth and wisdom.Her powerful energy  lays bare old patterns and gives light to new


Safa is a real gem 💎

Lucy, Wales

I was experiencing long term pain and discomfort after eating.


I was prescribed medication but it did not seem to help me. 


After just an hour of healing I felt much much better.


Since then I have not had any pain. 

Safa's healing was magic. I was surprised that she did not even need to touch my stomach to do this healing.


Thank you very much.


Penny, UK

I joined Womb Room because this mysterious work attracted me like a magnet. I wanted to go deeper in my feminine embodiment and learn more about the mystery of Womb.

Through the journey I got in touch with some incredible past live memories and imprints. I healed so much that was keeping me stuck.


Safa was very transparent, supportive and gracefully loving towards my process and everyone else’s. I was amazed by this especially as the group was over 100. I felt safe and welcomed. 

The container was very special and I would love to join again.


Thanks Safa , you are a highly gifted healer.

Andra, Spain



“That was so profound! I’m shocked and surprised and amazed what has just happened'

"This has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my life"

"I felt physical tension releasing"

"It was an hour of personal therapy"

“That was so surreal”

“I dissolved”

"So much light"


“So powerful”

“Saw colours and visions”
“Safe and free. liberating”



- what a beautiful place that was

- it’s so hard to come back!

- safe and free. liberating

- What a vast, free feeling

- felt very fluidic and light

- danced ancestral dance around fires

- moved into a different reality

- Saw colours and visions

- I'm about ten feet taller...

- so much unwinding and clearing

-I smiled every time we inhaled

- dancing around the fire being free

- ceremonial, dance with a circle of grandmothers

- its like my inner body dissolved my outer body and I just became fluid

- I was surrounded by gold, white and purple light... with the affirmation I AM ENOUGH

-I just want to keep this dreamy feeling


I am completely blissed out. I am filled to the brim with gratitude. I am so still in my body. My cells are dancing to the drums as I lay on my mat. I now feel so connected to all that is and ever was. I love everything so deeply. I am vibrating so so high.


The truth is, life is beautiful,  it always was but I was just so numb I couldn't feel it.


I am so grateful for Womb Room. This group programme has changed my life so much.


I feel connected to my ancestors, my spirit guides, my body, my soul essence.


I feel like I could speak forever about it all.


I also feel like I could hold just a revered silence forever, for this sacred journey. Gratitude becomes me. 


I am so moved by the vulnerability and openness we all shared in Womb Room in the deep field. I am breathing in love, exhaling gratitude.


My heart is full and I will remember you always. Thank you for being. I love you.


I knew from the first time I heard you on the CranioSacral Podcast that your work and depth resonated with me.


 I just wanted to reach out to you and express my gratitude for Womb Room and the most incredible journey you took us on.


I am amazed and blown away at the healing that took place on so many deep levels and also for the amount of space you can hold and facilitate. 


I admire you and there is a blunt and fire energy about you that is truly moving and I love it!


Your unconditional love and support comes through really strong. Thank you.


I can say I felt so held, safe, and unconditionally accepted and loved by you and the group in Womb Room. 

-Mary, USA



It was super powerful and so healing.


I felt all the bones in my face being rearranged. A thick golden liquid trickled down from my crown into my body.


Then I was up in space amongst the planets & stars & then next moment on the bottom of the ocean on top of a sea turtle - moving very very slowly. My whole nervous system was changing before my eyes.


As it slowed down I was aware of feeling frozen. I was able to watch this response without shutting down like I usually do. This took me back to times in my childhood where I'd have nightmares & feel frozen in my own body. 


I was shown through the healing programme the root cause of this which was so powerful because it was totally unconscious to me when we started the healing work. 

Sarah, UK

Womb Room is a significant container, just as womb is in real life, for both spiritual growth and rebirth.


Safa does an amazing part in facilitating the prompts and inspiring a greater depth of self inquiry.


Her words are the matter that brings the group together, her spirit is the amniotic fluid bathing us all.


Safa holds space with upmost protection and the deepest spiritual integrity that I have ever experienced.


I was deeply listened to by Safa and others in the group. Being part of an online community and witnessing others in their healing process gives insight beyond just our own personal experience.


Safa is a cosmic pioneer, using social media as an energetic room for us to enter and FEEL in the comfort of our own space.

-Brook, USA

Womb Room has given me clarity of what my inner wisdom says, how to access it throughout the day, mood by mood. It has allowed me to feel deeper self acceptance. I now access deeper stillness. It feels like I have been away on a meditation and healing retreat except I have been doing this all from the comfort of my own home.

I am blown away by the depth of healing that I accomplished in such a unique way through Womb Room. Safa evokes such a golden experience. 


If you are seeking powerful personal transformation, Safa will open the field to dive into the deep end.


Her dedication to the enlightenment of consciousness knows no bounds.

-Lisa, USA

 I was born through an emergency C-Section and I was a planned adoption. I believe my adoptive parents collected me when I was only two weeks old. 

I entered Womb Room with an open curiosity and also some trepidation. I wanted to know more about how I came into this world and why it was so difficult for me.


The first days of being in Womb Room resulted in huge releases from my nervous system. On one occasion it felt like ‘stuff’ was being pulled from my body because it was no longer needed. Through the journey I started to feel the expansive, spacious and nurturing Womb space which was totally new for me.

The answers I had been looking for, in relation to my birth and biological mother were not there. However, there was now a deeper a sense of knowing that ‘not knowing’ was  perfect, it was part of my path and mystery. I felt like this Womb that I came to know, was always there for me. I finally felt safe. 


Through this journey I have become more deeply embodied in my own womb, I have released trauma and fear imprints from in utero. I am  more at one with the universe and myself. 


I accept that I am my biological mother, even though I don't know her, just as she is me.


With this embodied knowledge I feel limitless freedom.

-Sara, UK

WOMB ROOM has just taken me on a journey so profound and so liberating words can’t explain.


I learnt more about myself than I have learnt in my 40+years!

I feel lighter and more spacious within me. I am full of wonder and awe.


There has been deep healing and I have transformed  many layers. I am very grateful to Kimiya Healing.


Safa's ability to hold space is phenomenal. The group field is held with non judgement and authenticity. 

Jacqui, UK

Womb Room was a powerful journey of healing. I started with my inception and conception.


I felt as if I was the consciousness within every atom of every cell - every subatomic particle and was mingling consciously with all the particles of the ever expanding universe.


Energy ran up and down and swirled around my body. 


My mind was completely blown - my soul took over. I actually saw my soul’s journey into this life.


It was abstract and kaleidoscopic. It looked like fractals  bursting open- like flowers blooming!

- Anon, USA

I discovered Safa’s gifted abilities during lockdown. 


In Womb Room I discovered the depth of my connection to my womb -beyond the physical anatomical structure. This has been a huge blessing for me.

Safa was always available and supported me with deeper questions to explore myself.  

-Seta , UK

Through my 1-1 healing programme with Safa I found more strength and direction in my life, within my family and also in my career path as a healer.


After the family constellation healing sessions I saw such big changes within my family and with my children.

-Seta, UK

Womb Room was life changing to say the least.


The effects were so profound, words cannot do justice.


My internal environment and the way I process incidents of my past has completely changed.


Safa's guidance has helped me find a place, a rooting and sense of security within myself.


A connection with the place of everlasting energy is a divine gift, Safa facilitated it.


She is a healer with immense capacity and coming across her work has been a gift from the universe.


If you have come across her, I'd ask you to take the opportunity without a doubt. I totally recommend her."

-Devika, India

The Womb Room journey was so beautiful.

I didn't think my heart could open that much.


At one point I had a real deep twinge of pain as stuff was released from my heart.


I felt so deep & still, yet infused with divine light.


It was really beautiful & special to see other's faces as we journeyed in this group together.


I  cried at the end because I'd never before felt so much peace & love.

Fiona, USA


“Dying with Safa was easy. So safe to be and let go, my breathing almost completely stopped, I was gone” 

"I have only touched that place once before but never to this extent'

"I disappeared"

"So much light and freedom, the vast expanse of my being"

"It felt like you spoke to my soul"

"We were in an eternal place"

"So much light"

"I died. I experienced my immortal essence and light"

“I was in a car accident two days ago and was so sore. All the pain is gone”


“I had really severe food poisoning right before this 4 hours ago, and my body feels completely different now. The tension in my stomach has released. Incredible”


“My breathing slowed all the way to stop”

“I’m dead! And I've never felt better! I love you so much! you incredible force of nature”


“DEEP gratitude for that experience. My breathing slowed to a stop, and as I left my body, I dissolved. The most profound peace”


"Amazing experience, I felt so safe in your guidance, you took me so deep in to my spirit"


"I am illuminated by the light of my grave. My grave is an altar on which I willingly sacrifice"



More activity at my left neck & shoulder. Felt like stuff was being pulled out of it.


Felt very clear, like my body was an open channel.

Wow ! couldn’t stand just before I settled and had to collapse and sit. Felt fine and safe though.  I now feel clarity and joy.


It was amazing and unlike anything I’ve ever felt.


That was powerful! I could feel the spiralling of the energy of the womb and within that saw the universe.


Felt very light but grounded, body felt open & clear.

I experienced very rapid physical and mental healing during every single session. 

The depth of this change, the uncovering of my true potential and liberation of my own power is the realest magic I have ever experienced.


Safa, your gnarly wisdom, your clear intuition, your ability to perceive me and the circumstances is a rare blessing and a gift from the universe.


The work of Kimiya Healing is the real deal!


Deep, raw, fierce and empowering beyond words. 

-Sophie, USA

My physical body has unwound old lower pelvic pain and neck release. My entire pelvis has reshaped!


I am so much more I touch with my emotions, recognising them and letting them flow as they need- like crying out load if pain and sadness takes hold.


I have a much deeper, new connection with my inner self.


I can ‘feel’ my own vibrations inside and out.


I can connect to my higher self through meditation, and bring light in when I need too.


I have started to recognise more signs around me, in the physical world that provide guidance to take action when I need to.

Janine, USA

Womb Room was life saving, life changing, homecoming, empowering and loving.


It is unlike anything else out there!


I’ve spent years in therapy and searching in other healing modalities. This was the only place to rapidly change me within such a short amount of time.


It is met with high integrity from Safa and you find people here who are relatable to you and your journey.

Justine, USA

Womb Room was a journey so vast, so profound and igniting that I am really only grasping the first little droplets of it.


Through this healing experience I am now fostering and growing ways to connect to the potency that runs through me - and is me.


I am falling in love ever so deeply with all that is me and beyond!


Womb Room is the most loving accelerator and fertiliser for growth, healing and coming home.

Gabrielle, USA

I am speechless by the depth of the Womb Room work!


Beyond vocabulary!


The best rollercoaster ride of my life!

Karen, Iceland

'My mental chatter has been reduced immensely. 


I now feel a quiet, calm and a connection to my soul with more depth.


As a result I am also more able to embody my healing transformation.


With every Womb Room my experience and connection to myself goes to a newer and deeper level!

Elizabeth, UK

Womb Room was so blissful, heart warming, and touching. So light and bright.


I feel like I was given the gift of softness.


It permeated every cell of my being and felt it in my heart and throughout my body.


 Kimiya Healing thank you so much!


I am eternally grateful for you and you are an absolute jewel!


My heart is filled with gratitude and love all of you so much!! 

Maria, France

I felt like I was given permission or given a blessing to finally let go of inherited stress and anxiety that I have carried in my body and from many generations before me.

Andy, UK

Thank you Safa for the guidance and healing and for holding this sacred space in Womb Room.


I feel reborn into the wholeness that I was born out of in the beginning of time.

Pat, Switzerland.

 I felt as though I was being gently rocked and that my mitochondria were just moving like waves through my system.


Once in a while I would just release what no longer serves me.


I was bare bones-laying there as naked as could be.


Once in a while a little pain in my chest would move through.


At one point I felt an immense love connection to my close family members that have crossed over.

Kathy, USA

I have never felt this good in a long long while.


I feel so aligned and grateful.


I'm filled with light!


I feel so hopeful about going ahead with everything.


Thank you thank you so much!

Samantha, USA

I now feel so much lighter in my heart, clearer in my head and there is a new sense of freedom and stillness that brings me pure joy.


Deep, long-held beliefs and energetic blocks that no longer serve me have been released.


I have been able to deepen my connection with my body and develop a trust of my inner wisdom.


The work went beyond talking therapy, deep into the realms of healing my body, my energy field and also ancestral healing.

Simon, USA

I felt as though my eyes unlatched from the grips of my membranes, a holding in place of my head. As the transformation continued in the sessions, I felt myself ground deeper. In myself, my root chakra, in the earth, centered, leaning back on my ancestors.


I became more clear what it felt like in my body to access the trauma and the triumph wrapped up in my history- my genes. In our sessions I gained clarity and understanding of how to navigate my own energetic space and boundaries.


I began to identify with more confidence what my body is holding and where. I have found a more resounding center of gravity that is giving me a new wave of vitality.


This transformation has been heart opening and deepening.

Brook, USA

Gosh where do I begin .


The minute I read about Safa's work

I instantly knew this was for me.


I had no expectations but just the feeling that I needed to do this for myself.


I am so glad I trusted my instincts on Safa.


Every single session has been transformative, empowering and I have had lots of deep releasing and healing and a physical and emotional level. 


I have never felt this happy about being me before!

Huda, USA

I was so disconnected from my body and holding on to deep wounds from years of childhood abuse.


After my healing programme I now have positive eating habits, I feel deeply connected to my body, I finally feel content and at peace with myself.

I am now fully embracing my soul mission which I always knew I had but was struggling to execute and be consistent with.

If you’re thinking whether you need this healing or not ... I can’t encourage you enough to do this and let the adventure begin!


I have no hesitation of anyone contacting me to learn more about my experience.


I truly feel Safa is so gifted. You will be healing with a true alchemist healer !!


Thank you Safa from the deep ends of my heart 💚

Heenal, UK

I learned to love all of me, my victimhood, the part of me that hurts myself. We realigned my hips, we straightened my spine, healed the liver, the black hole in my stomach.


We spoke with my highest self and discovered it's name, Liwayway Apostol. I disentangled myself from my parents and their trauma that they were working out on me. I cleared my space and found stillness and peace, and learned that I always have access to this. This cleared my skin from being raw all the time and not understanding why.


I learned the delicate balance of my holistic health. Learned what what is not yet resolved with show up physically. I learned to be thankful for my body for showing me what I was not ready to look at, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We cleared a blockage on my third eye, giving me a while new level of clarity.


I really learned to be open and fearless, in my work with Safa. She showed me that I am always safe, held and supported. I am at peace with what has happened, not carrying it into my new experiences.

-Kylee, Liwayway

Yesterday I felt so much lighter and connected like I had really let go of any trauma.


I had the most amazing bonding experience with my son who’s 7yrs old; he woke up at around 11:30pm, came in and gave me the most beautiful hug - just like he used to when he was a toddler. 


There's no words for this amazing healing experience. 

Jodie, UK

I dropped into my womb space... the initial heat! Whoah it felt like fire down there for a moment and then it lessened into the warmest yummiest temperature which stayed throughout.


I felt so aroused, not sexually per se although I must admit the feeling was really nice, but aroused in every single aspect... I felt alive but all within me. I finally feel comfort, so much comfort, excitement, softness, space, blackness, like an abyss but not in the least bit scary. 


I felt powerful, a strength in my womb.

Debbie, USA

Hi Safa,

I wanted to share some amazing news !!! Actually I’m super excited to share this with you... it’s been 3 weeks since we finished my 1:1 sessions... I ran for the first time and guess what I didn’t even use my inhaler !! 

I always  have to use my inhaler before I do any work out;  ever since I was little .... as you know I was born with asthma and don’t know life without asthma - I usually take my inhaler a lot from winter to March due to the cold weather and in the summer due to allergies so basically I’m on it all the time !

 I’ve tested this out three times now (I was scared when I didn’t take my inhaler the first time round) so:

Day 1 I started off with a brisk walk and a light jog... no wheezing ... 

Day 2 I started off with a light jog and kept a consistent flow - no wheezing !!

Day 3 I started off with a light jog and now I am running and guess bloody what NO WHEEZING !!! I ran 12 whole minutes with no issues with my breathing the only reason why I stopped was cause I got tired lol !!

I never thought in a million years I would be running like this !!  Thank you ♥️for my new set of lungs ! 


Honestly I am speechless as I never thought this was possible !!! 

I feel now i need to keep trusting my body as it’s an amazing power machine that is so grateful to your healing and for safely taking me back to the utero to do this  !!!

-Heenal, UK

I came to see Safa after struggling with my health, my emotional wellbeing and my connection to my child after a traumatic birth.


 I would have never thought Safa would help me the way she did.


She provided me with all the tools and guidance to heal myself! 


My trauma is all gone now and my toddler and me are in sync again!


Mentally, emotionally and spiritually Im on a higher level now. My womb and physical body has also healed.


I will forever be grateful to Kimiya Healing.

Anon, USA

My journey with Kimiya Healing allowed me to feel safe enough to access the deeper trauma from abuse that I did not even know I was still carrying. With Safa's help it could finally be released.


I was able to process the pain it in all forms, emotionally, mentally, physically and also spiritually.


 As a result, I feel a vast space within me, an expansion and have a deeper understanding of my own personal power and path.

Cathy, Canada

I now feel so much lighter in my heart, clearer in my head and there is a new sense of freedom and stillness that brings pure joy.


Deep, long-held beliefs about my self and energetic blocks that no longer serve me have been released.


I have been able to deepen my connection with my body and develop a trust of my inner wisdom.


The healing work Safa did went deep into the realms of energy and ancestral healing!

Amina, UK

I experienced very rapid physical and mental healing during every single session.


Each session took me to very different places and all had a different focus (but with underlying strands of connection).


In my first session I physically felt so much  change in areas of my body that I had no idea I had been holding them for so long


I had massive releases in my shoulders and sacrum and right leg.


It's truly so incredible that these transformations can happen by distance.


I was so clearly shown my left and right side 'split' the difference between the 2 was huge.


I am still working on this, now aware of how I am holding my right side and still working through release.

Hannah, USA

Our first session we worked with a physical concussion and the emotional aspects around letting my needs be met.


I felt as though my eyes unlatched from the grips of my membranes, a holding in place of my head.


As the transformation continued in the sessions, I felt myself ground deeper. In myself, my root chakra, in the earth, centered, leaning back on my ancestors. I became more clear what it felt like in my body to access the trauma and the triumph wrapped up in my history- my genes.


In our sessions I gained clarity and understanding of how to navigate my own energetic space and boundaries.


I began to identify with more confidence what my body is holding and where. I have found a more resounding center of gravity that is giving me a new wave of vitality.


This transformation has been heart opening and deepening.


Releasing the toxic feminine that won't own her power has freed my heart to be, to move.


My masculine heart healed by bringing my ancestors through my back, and then I witnessed this grand peace from the men in my family. I have been continuing to work with them. As I have felt my own space deepen, it has given my heart strength.


Connecting me to its light power to execute what the spirit needs to manifest. I have felt initiated into a new level of being with my own clients. My desires of what I want to manifest in my practice are gaining momentum and I am feeling more grounded in my creative approach to work. I can hear my intuition and I am trusting the guidance and wisdom more confidently.

It is not by chance that you have discovered Safa….But…there is deep work to be done during the 6 weeks with her.

For me, this course has been the last phase of my healing journey. I am free, I am becoming my greatest.

If you are ready to clear the emotional and energetic blocks, if you feel ready to soar into new heights, to experience a higher vibration, to give yourself the gift of empowerment and to create any vision into reality, then this healing programme will blow your mind and transform and heal your inner world and outer realms. You will find your own personal treasure.

Safa is a force of nature!


It has been an absolute honour to have you by my side, every step of the way throughout my 6 week transformation journey.


Joanne, USA


I felt this programme was going to be  big, potentially life changing and I knew  I was ready for it.


I made a commitment to myself to really show up each week, to complete my practices and to have the courage to go to the bottom of the barrel and to do whatever it took to heal.

In Safa’s safe hands I faced my shadows, I forgave myself, I forgave others.


I released old wounds, outdated beliefs and unhealed pain.


The old energy was released, I let go, I let it all go… a new powerful healing energy replaced the old, into every part of me, a feeling of total immersion into the most loving, healing, safest of white light, connecting me to the wisdom and mystery of the divine, giving way to receive.



Cody, USA

My healing programme was beyond words. It is something magical, celestial even. I was spellbound experiencing this!

The energy of love and peace is driving me forward now.


I now feel powerful and balanced.


This feeling is so deep and rooted and unlike anything I have experienced before.


Here I am now, showing up as my authentic self every day and I love it!

Zainab, USA

Something extraordinary has happened and all I can put it down to is the healing.

I got deeper access to my own womb and felt my ethereal mother and all the female ancestors dance within me.  For the first time in my life I felt like I was supported and held with love and sacredness. I felt powerful within myself. The emotional pain that I had held onto from my childhood felt foreign to me today. 

Fay, USA

For the first time I have come home to myself, to my deeper soul purpose and to my true desires.

Today I looked in the mirror and acknowledged who I am, where I have come from and what true beauty really means.


I spoke to me in the mirror and said ‘I love you beautiful strong one'


This was totally out of my comfort zone and was nothing that I have ever done before! I finally thanked my body for everything she had endured -for housing a kidney that was once foreign but is now a part of me.

I’m in complete gratitude today and I want to thank you Safa for your guidance and healing.

Devika, India

I came to Safa to work on my own trauma that was affecting my physical and emotional health and my family life.


Safa worked on my entire family constellation.


My children are now thriving in their unique individuality. Instead of being triggered by them I now recognise that they are each masters, teaching me more and more each day!

Healing with Safa has enabled me to nurture a happy family (and so much more).


Thank you Safa for your wisdom, passion, kindness and at times, your challenging questions! xx

Jane, USA

I came to see Safa after having a stroke and I was struggling with my rehabilitation and progress..


I was recovering from a serious car injury, had a history of illnesses, many layers of exhaustion and burn out and partial paralysis down the right side of my body.  


In just six weeks I felt big changes happening in my body. These started in just the first session and were even more evident in my later sessions.


As a result of this healing programme, my mobility and energy levels have improved. I now feel stable and strong in my body. I even started to put on muscle again and exercise!


Healing with Safa was definitely the missing piece in my recovery journey!

- Gerald, Norway

There is so much to describe from the family healing journey we experienced with Kimiya Healing.

After each session my husband and I found our 'flame' of connection ignited so deeply, as if we had just met! 

In just 6 weeks I have reestablished my trust in my relationship with my husband and I am able to  recognise and feel that he deeply loves me.


My children received so much physical healing; my eldest son is also no longer grinding his teeth at night!


My youngest son, after Safa realigned his spine, is now eating better and his toilet training is finally well on its way after struggling for many years.


I can now feel a deeper resonance and connection with my children.

Isabel, Australia

Safa saw my blind spots and unconscious traumas held in my body. She helped me go deeper within myself to heal. 


Through this profound healing programme my long standing self limiting beliefs and buried trauma wounds emerged, layer by layer to be healed. 

I can now connect to myself on a much deeper level, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Sessions with my clients have gotten deeper too!

Edward, USA

I came to see Safa not really aware that at all levels, I was deeply traumatised. When Safa asked me at the start, how I was, the truth is that at 40 years old, I didn't know the answer. My nervous system had always been in over drive, I had been experiencing chronic fatigue for many years. I nearly died in my 20's from a blood poisoning and never understood why that happened to me or what it meant. I had lived my life not feeling like a woman and not being in my body. I always felt shame, guilt and loneliness. I never knew why. 


Until the day I met Safa.


Through the healing sessions each week we released the trauma held in my body. We worked on my spine, arms, legs, root space, cranium, brain and much more. I discovered that my body was holding so much unconscious trauma - imprints of physical, emotional and sexual abuse. I realised I also had trauma from in utero where I felt rejected and unwanted because of my mum's unresolved pain. This had 


After the healing programme I was able to feel my spine and sacrum again. I felt reconnected to my pelvis and my womb. I felt like a woman! I had cleared the imprints of trauma held in my ovaries, womb, throat, heart, liver and energy field.

Safa helped me to clear all the trauma including from in utero. She also did big ancestral healing work on the masculine and feminine lines. Finally, I forgave. 

In just 12 weeks I experienced a big shift in my consciousness. I can feel self love and I trust myself again. I am able to feel the power of my womb. I am able to clarify my energy field and my space, connect to my ancestors and feel love in my daily life. I have learnt the deeper art of embodiment.


I have turned away from senseless things like alcohol, smoking and empty friendships. Through the healing work I have done with Safa, my family are now shining. I see the sun in their eyes!


 I am speechless by the depth of transformation in this short amount of time.


A huge thank you Safa.


I am so curious about everything I learnt from you! Your heart is so big! Deeply impressed! 

Simona, USA

I came to see Safa to heal childhood abuse and severe birth trauma that I had carried my entire life. 


I had tried other healing modalities but nothing seemed to work.


I felt my trauma was affecting my relationship with my young daughter and also my marriage with my husband.

Safa enabled me to heal at such a deep level that I thought nobody would ever be able to meet me at. As an energy healer myself I can say that I have learnt so much by directly experiencing the unique depth that Safa works at. I


feel I was guided here, towards this healing. I am so grateful for what I have transformed and learnt. 

I am now confident, grounded and more aligned that I have ever been in my life. My family and relationships and stronger. My spine and midline and clear and my third eye has opened up more, allowing me to see more clearly within myself and my own energy body. 


Thank you for your healing, for what you teach me, and for myself for doing this programme ❤️

Jessie, USA

The work of Kimiya Healing is the real deal!


It's deep, raw, fierce and empowering beyond words!


Safa, your gnarly wisdom, your clear intuition, your ability to perceive me and the circumstances is a rare blessing and a gift from the universe.


I now feel within me, a divine comfort, an easy fluid integrated wisdom in my body and soul that just wasn’t there before.


When you're healing with Safa, there's no limit. 

Bryony, USA

I suffer from spondylolisthesis. This means when I lie down on my back it's very painful. After just one session I felt like my entire spine melted. I felt it up to my core, my legs tingled and then I dropped into stillness. 

Now, there is no pain at the moment at all.


Thank you so much Safa! That was so deep! ❤️

Jo, UK



Holistically deep grounding in community, led on a beautiful journey by a wonderful facilitator. Felt like a reboot, emerging in a blissfully balanced space. Seeing the reactions and faces of those also sharing the experience made me feel seen and heard and safe. Tusind tak for dalig aften. <3


Dear Safa, I was astonished that actually it is possible to feel kind of vibration in the brain. For sure - and I hope I will not forget that - I will look at my brain now from different point of view.


Today my mind seems calmer and somehow more empty, less burdened. And felt some sensation on my face. During the work I was not sure about the zero point, but nevertheless it was a great experience. Suppose I am a person who can perhaps manage one level of depth quite quick but than it is harder for me to deepen the experience. But I suppose I have to practice more.


Above all I am deeply thankful to you to share all this knowledge and healing with us. It is an amazing experience, an amazing perspective of chances.


And the feeling you have for guiding the process of such group - it is priceless. For me, especially the moment when you mentioned the openness of heart to support the process, was very very helpful.


Deeply thankful and blessings to you.



It was my first time experiencing group healing and i was shocked at how sensitive i would be to the energy work, i could feel the heat rise in my spine the moment you would describe the work being done! i loved it! When you were explaining the release of stress held in the spine i started crying automatically in a light shaky way like my spine was literally shaking it all out. Brilliant!!! I invited my partner to join me when you mentioned in your introduction to do it with family, I hope that’s okay as i didn’t get a ticket for her. I believe it was one of her very first times meditating. She said she could feel her blood flow in her whole body as it was pumped through her heart. She’s a heating plumber and uses her spine a lot to support the heavy loads she carries so she’s often hurting at the lower back. she said that as you were asking us to fully let go, she felt like her body was sliding off at 45 degrees sideways. Sounds like she could feel the imbalance in her spine. I’m so glad i got to share that with her. Thank you so much Safa i look forward to the next group healing session.


Hi Safa, I felt deep relaxation during the session and also had an amazing sleep last night, thank you! As well as my spine releasing during the session, it also gave a big release (like a long shiver or a wave from the middle to the top) when I got up after the session and walked around. The same thing happened after the first group session I attended - (the great mother in April) and it felt great! I found myself smiling a LOT in that session and wonder about this, as I know people often experience tears!)


Very deep journey! Lot of moves in the right temporal lab, falx, upper spine! Felt the both brain sides, beautiful connection with my heart. Never had this sensation before. Zeropoint amazing- didn‘t won‘t to come back!!! Thanks a lot!!!!



incredibly bonding to prepare space for healing with my daughter. Having her with me during the session made us relax&restore and feel deep connection and love being shared. Grounding for us both. The fire in our fireplace was apart of the ritual and I felt the heat on my left side as you were talking about the fire in the body and the flames that feed the heart. I felt the power and tuned in force of your words in my space. The way the spirit moved with these energetic textures was so poignant and I let go in feeling trust to be...being wow....thank you again Safa for another incredible healing. our 3 hour nap after was the cherry on top of the wonderful time we had exploring consciousness in our bodies with you. much love! xo


the most striking was during the heart aspect, my breath juddered with each emotion that came up, but as each went to the flames, my breath become smoother and deeper and my heart felt expanded. And after the session, the frustration I'd been feeling all day had completely gone


My entire body is at ease. I felt really happy inside me, I think never before in that way. The waters were powerful x

A lot of emotional release, message of feeling unsafe and unwanted carried from mothers lineage

Heart opening healing generational wounds - the love I’ve craved

I wish I had the words. That was so special and important. I felt myself choose my mother, and I needed to feel that. It’s always been complicated and hard with her, but now I know I chose her, I chose to be here to give her the love she needs, and knew that would come with the price of her not giving me the love I needed from her. I bring the love we both need. I am that love.

I felt this process, beginning as a little baby and suddenly i become bigger, like expanding myself in an other level....i’m happy, really happy, im proud of me!

blown away by the waterfall. So deeply beautiful. before that I was astounded by the movement in the womb waters and grief in my heart growing, was so deep in love and peace.

Deep acceptance of the love I have never gotten from my mother. She didn’t have it to give. So much peace. As always Safa... so thankful for your gifts 💖

If you can survive rough waters without a developed heart and head, you can survive this world .. I remember those words xx yes I was right under that waterfall dancing :_ Thank you

I felt lots of turbulence and then suddenly my heart field was so big and stronger than any turbulence it won.

I then completely passed out though there were deep love experiences and I’m mushy melted now


 felt the stream to earth, the water and tides, the cosmic of nothingness and everything in same moment. Recall to earth came so quik. To feel how much I could expand, makes me again surprised. Definitely taking my promise with me- and the axis in my spine! Still haveto work with my falx and right head side♥️ Some nature- noises from my neighbors:-) was the big challenge for me to stay in my own space tonight! Thanks so much Safa, how powerful to use the elements!

I’m dumfounded Safa, that was so profound! I’m shocked and surprised and amazed what has just happened. I felt myself open up as big and as wide as the Atlas mountains, vastness, so much space. I feel like I’ve cleared out a load of junk. Oh Safa I’m so grateful to you, wow, thank you, this has been one of the most meaningful experiences of my life…I feel so much love to you and everyone in that grou

that was magic. deep and expansive. what i brought back was the idea that I am able. burned away self doubt and insecurity. really loved letting womb envelop me. stillness holding. the earth calling me to be here now. to live my life through this body, seeing myself reflected in everything

I heard you say the steams through my legs and then just floated away into the ocean. So much processing in my liver, such deep pain and releasing. Rivers running through my kidneys, flushing through. I am feeling very calm and peaceful.  thank you so much xx

One time i felt only my heart beating in a open end field, it was so deep...i also felt this rivers in my body, that was we both are very very relaxed!

My name is Rhodope. I am 61 years young. I was born with Spinabifida.

In the last couple of years my disability has deteriorated significantly affecting my mental and physical wellbeing. I have two replacement knees and osteoarthritis in my hips. I have felt like a prisoner trapped in my own body. These last couple of years have been totally overwhelming, exhausting.


Just my first session with Safa was unbelievable, it was transformational. 


Safa travelled through different parts of my body with such a beautiful caring energy. She realigned my spine. She removed all blocks and debris that needed shifting in other parts of my body. She also healed my hips, pelvis and legs. I could feel my entire spine becoming so much calmer, peaceful and so much lighter, happier. My whole mobility has improved and my body has softened. 


She removed the emotional and energetic armour I have been carrying around with me for such a long time because of my childhood. 

After our session I could walk with so much more ease and no pain in my body! Now I can now get up from a seated or lying down position with ease. I have not been able to do this for many years. The difference was phenomenal! I am feeling so alive today, my body and spine feels so realigned. My husband was so happy to see the change in me.


After decades of disconnection I can say Safa introduced me to my body again- my organs and my wholeness. She helped me reunite the whole of my body as one beautiful oneness.

Rhodope, UK

"I came to see Safa after repeated physical and sexual trauma and a subsequent diagnosis of PTSD.


I was stuck, in immense stress and depressed. I felt like I had hit a wall with no way around and this was a life I just had to make do with. I was experiencing brain fog, migraines, was locked and paralysed in my body and couldn't sleep. I was having trauma flashbacks and emotional memories were replaying on a mental loop. I was dissociated, disconnected and spiritually lost. I was really struggling. 

After just 6 weeks I now have a wonderful connection with my body. I feel safe in my body now, rather than just in momentary experiences. It's been utterly beautiful coming to know my heart, my womb, and my inner child. These connections now feel embedded and at home. It's like a door has opened to a tender and caring new relationship with myself!


Womb work was a whole new revelation and my relationship here is my gateway to empowerment. I am now embarking on a new journey within myself with fascination. I feel my potential has been unlocked and I am unravelling new ways of being.


Throughout the programme I was held and supported in all my entirety. Kimiya Healing was an incredibly valuable and precious experience for me.

I now feel stronger with this inner trust with the ability to ride the storm. I feel the sessions have really embedded peace, trust, and knowing in my entire being."


Caroline, UK


'Safa, you never fail to amaze me, the pure beauty in you work shone so bright. As soon as I met my child 7 years old I saw her cheeky smile so clearly I cried instantly and I felt gratitude at a deeper level than I have ever felt before, I cried pretty much the whole way through. the child cuddled up in bed in my heart was blissful and beautiful, she feels safe for now. she is so pure, grateful and kind . I realised I am both my mum and dad , the beautiful parts of them.'

'It felt incredibly joyous and deeply loving. Forgotten play leaning back on the roundabout with my hair sweeping the ground- daring freedom'

'I feel really relaxed yet a sense of inner excitement. My inner child was reminding me to just let go! I was riding my big wheel fast as I raced around on the black top and skipping around! Then rolled down the grassy hills with my sisters. I feel so free!'

'My child was struggling to let go of fears and was very sad, but when she played it it was pure joy and a massive connection with mum. I could hear my daughter in the house laughing ahhhh i'm so relaxed now'

'I saw myself as the “peacemaker.” Keeping quiet and being a good girl. The glue that came through to hold the family together.  This has often been my role in my family into my adulthood. Toward the end I was reminded of this stillness I have within. Going through a tough time in this season and I’ve felt this stillness being shaken. It was nice to be reminded of being the observer to it all. I felt this stillness that could not be shaken.'

'Lots of tears and terror in my little one. Still releasing and feeling a tired numbness. Lots of releases out of solar plexus, lungs and throat. Right side of head, eye and ear feel retracted and compressed. At the moment I have a hard time finding words as if it is all wiped out.'

'I cried so much during this...tears of joy. I feel still and whole now'

'Super deep stillness (after my numb new born that wanted to laugh and giggle). body went so still i couldn’t feel it when we went to playground. felt like just a lot of love . my body loved the stillness medicine, I didn’t want stop  !'

'I really felt the healing in my heart, and also the release of tension of the newborn crown.'

'Wow this is the deepest I've felt in one of these sessions, felt so much in my body, especially my spine. A big release right side of my head. More aware of left leg, this has come for me alot recently. Lots of tears also when I felt what my newborn self must be holding. It was beautiful thank you xx'

'I deffo feel lighter and my nervous system feels more settled - I so needed this. My throat has been really struggling, I have had a head cold for the as week which has gone into the throat so difficult to talk . My lungs were soooo small at the start of the session. Serious spikes of pain in the liver area and I really saw my gall bladder, so angry!! I then softened repeatedly and felt my baby body - so much fluidity so much flow and dancing <3'

'I imagined my baby at the beginning as a fat sumo baby. Not able to move have the flexibility etc. Things went a little easier and when you asked about new born baby and dreaming - going towards the thrown. I started convulsing, holding my throat, crying. I couldn’t feel or see that part but I feel like I needed to let that pain out. After I continued to drop a little.'

'We laughed so much on the merry go round. i feel at peace knowing after all these years she and i are free... my inner child fell asleep in my heart '

I came to see Safa after years of brain fog, tremors, insomnia, exhaustion, tension in my head that was affecting my vision and my memory. 


Physically, my head went from feeling heavy and thick to far less heavy and thick.


Emotionally, I've become more curious about my own emotions and started paying attention to them instead of dismissing or stuffing them away which had become an automatic defence mechanism.

Spiritually, I discovered that a lot of what I thought was just random stuff in my head was actually my real intuition and knowing.



I learned how to feel into my physical pain and understand it rather than trying not to feel it.


I also learned to more firmly assert my boundaries non-apologetically, in places I normally wouldn't be able to. I've learned to speak up about what I want more often, and also not feel so bad about it.


I've learned to sometimes actively embody this place/access the frequency of really not caring if people think I'm careless, selfish, self-absorbed, unrefined, graceless...

I gained a deeper level of appreciation for babies. I learned to free-bleed. I learned to communicate with my body and my organs, making me appreciate them at another level! I've also become more energy-aware.

Aisha, Dubai

I came to see Safa with dissociation, upper body tension, cranial fluid leaks after a severe concussion which left me with sinus issues, headaches and a constantly runny nose. For at least six years my nervous system has been dysregulated, my body would often shake with fear and I would have lots of teary outbursts. I did not feel safe in my body and my skin was so itchy I would feel like jumping out of it.


After six weeks my physical symptoms are gone. I have also healed my dissociation and learnt how to trust my own body again. I am now feeling connected with my organs and I feel my heart and brain have reconnected. 


Spinal work realigned my spine and helped me to release deep anger from trauma that my body was holding in relation to childhood trauma.

I reconnected with my own inner feminine and masculine energy and also met my inner child. 


Ancestral healing supported me to heal my paternal line and what was being held there that had affected me - religious abuse.

I was able to see myself more deeply, both the victim and the rebel in me. 


Finally, I reconnected deeply with the vastness of my womb. This has helped me stand up for myself and stand in my power. 

Jasmine, USA

By resolving my traumas with Kimiya Healing I‘ve now got back to the biggest love ever that allows me to feel connected every single moment to the forces of the universe. Sounds totally mad but it's real!

The healing worked on my darkest and deepest fears that were being held in my body. 


By healing the breaks in my maternal line I learned how to love myself and how to forgive! The most important lesson!

Kimiya Healing helped me to unite my divine feminine and masculine within me. I was shown my own kingdom and felt so much love within my family. 

Now I trust myself so much.

By healing the deep roots through my body and my womb without the mental processing I eventually experienced the stillness that I call freedom, which I have been searching for my whole life. 


Safa's work helped me process and heal at such a deep level. I've never met anyone who works so specifically with such a huge open heart as her. Her belief in the human being and her power to heal and transform is unique. 

Now I am taking all the resources I have learnt and everything I have received to re-create my daily life, my mindset, my work as a craniosacral therapist and my loving relationships.


What a life - WOW! I feel so gifted now. Everything I have ever been through finally makes sense. 

-Simone, France

In Womb Room I have been shaken, broken, rebuilt, burnt and risen.


I have always had a very strong determination to heal myself and my body from past trauma and am not afraid to look at my own shadow.


What I experienced in Womb Room however, was far beyond what I had expected.


I saw parts of my shadow that I hadn’t even acknowledged, hiding below the levels I was comfortable with seeing.


I was pushed to deeper levels, of questioning, seeing, looking, feeling. Spirals of death and rebirth, literally seeing the stories I was still telling myself coming to the surface and staring me right in the face. The identity I was hiding behind. The excuses. 


Safa’s beautiful ability to hold deeply loving, supporting space whilst also pushing, to go deeper, further into the dirt, was exactly what I needed.


Combined with the group space where I found the most beautiful, powerful, inspirational, loving warriors, sharing and opening, trusting, vulnerable and fierce.


They mirrored my wounds and shared their pain, they listened, heard, spoke, held, in a way that was so deeply beautiful it has given me a new concept of what is possible within humanity. I was able to express parts of myself that felt so raw, fragile and was met with strong, firm, loving hands and hearts. No shame, no judgement, no fear. 


I wrote this after one of the live healing sessions: 

"I saw myself in a coffin, as a skeleton, the old me, rotting and dust, but I stood up and danced. Like a day of the dead lady. With red roses around my skull."


I experienced my own death and rebirth.


I am ready to rise from the ashes. I am ready to be wild. If you want this too, go into Womb. 

Thank you so much Safa and thank you to every single womb warrior here. I am so deeply grateful 🌹 

Alice, UK


Womb Room was the first place when I felt oriented and for the first time I knew what exactly I should do. What I can do. It was the first cauldron in which the pieces deep within me came together.

1st tight throat releasing, chest area - lots of pain and opening, than sudden a really long deep breath, spine tearing apart, sensations on my face, for the first time I felt how much density hold my womb at the end feeling myself just kind of silhouette immersed in all that is happening in me and around me. Still much pain in the chest.

Not seeing much but a lot of negative feelings emerging, feeling in utero, struggling, lots of aggression, blood .


For the first time I managed to acknowledge how my core beliefs were affecting my life. I feel deepest gratitude for getting to understand my in utero experience. I think this was an important clue for me and my relationships, my aversion to life, my uncertainty.


You can feel the warmth and the love in Womb Room as you share your deepest emotions and past experiences with other Woomies.


For me the experience was a real alchemical teaching and learning ground (for the first time I can bring together the pieces I have learned all around). The course contains lots of precise useful tools. It was like an intellectual challenge without really using the mind. It offered deep emotional insight, it felt like the safest place to share and be, the pure body with its deep teachings and physical experience of the Spirit.


I have no words to describe it.

I realised how ancestral patterns of separation and polarities arouse in me disconnection and aversion to life. I recognized that I do not need to be isolated to feel safe/me/that I am all-right. I recognized why the partner whom I have lost was such a huge container for me and how sacred his love was.


I accepted that I have to change my constant invading thoughts about how wrong I am. In Womb Room I accepted my past, entanglements with masculine energy since I can understand the past and forgive and see that this offers me a possibility to heal and access the Divine masculine in me.


I healed a huge part  of the burden I have carried. I think I healed a part of my masculine energy, I think I opened to a feminine energy more, but most of all I think I crossed the river Styx to finally find the stillness.

I recognized what the Womb really is.

I have no words to thank the Wisdom of Universe, to you, Safa, to Love and to my 'Woomies - Warriors' for all on this journey.


My love, blessing and admiration to you, Safa.

-Ana, Slovenia

After the healing in Womb Room I am now floating in the soft kind gentle waters of womb. I feel the love and gentle kindness which can be so easily forgotten through day to day life.

My womb space showed me the shadows of fear, terror, sadness, shame, guilt, grief, deception and more. This was caused by my childhood trauma. 

I learnt through this programme, how to acknowledge my own power and turn my pain into bliss, love and healing. I learnt that every dark shadow and painful memory has something to teach me. I learnt how to do real embodied shadow work. I was no longer the victim. 

The space Safa creates is so sacred and vast. It's never ending and benevolent. 

I bow down to you Safa for being so disciplined in your path and so inspirational. 🙏🏼❤️

Hattie, France

Safa!!! You are pure fire 🔥🔥🔥

I healed my in utero trauma with Safa.


I felt so much happening that I don’t think I can remember it all!!!

I found myself needing to turn to fetal position. I swam in deep oceans, rode waves, and felt an enveloping comfort and warmth in my body for the first time ever. 

I can’t coherently explain it all. It was amazing. 


-Lisa, USA

I don’t even know where the hell to begin.

I’ve put myself on trial for years. Heck, for two decades it feels like. Finding every reason possible to believe why I’m unworthy of love. And accepting that I’m not a good person because of my past.

But it’s like all of that was disproven when I healed with Safa. I talked to my skin and told it that it didn’t have to protect me anymore by being constantly inflamed. I apologized to my body for never wanting to be in it because of the trauma I went through. I healed my inner child. I told myself no matter what I’ve done in my life, I will always be worthy of love. I prayed for the people that hurt me as a child. 


The expansion in my heart and space in my solar plexus is unlike anything I’ve ever felt. I got that cry I was hoping to release from the beginning. Letting my deeper, buried emotions out cleared the space for so much love within me.


 I actually feel worthy of a good life. I feel like MYSELF again. 

I’m never going back. This is home. This is me. I AM LOVE. 

Brionne, USA

Wow!! There was so much healing, imagery and stuff. I was held in a container of deep peace and stillness. 


I felt the collective connection with my “sisters” all over the globe. This was so beautifully touching that it bought tears to my eyes to finally feel like I belonged. 

I saw myself floating in womb as a little baby. I felt comfort and peace for the first time. Light filled my  frontal cortex, amygdala, hippocampus and pons. I knew I was healing my in utero trauma.

I felt deeper or clearer connection with my heart and womb. My grandfather appeared and told me that he is watching over me. I saw my masculine ancestors, kind and loving towards me. I felt accepted and protected. 


Thank you from the depths of my heart Safa

-Haya, France

Womb Room was an opening of light and truth!

At the start I could feel a dense energy clearing from my feet and then my hands.


There were moments where the expansion in my chest was big it was lifting me away from the bed!


My chest area was active, opening and jolting as energy shifted  through me.


I felt waves of energy caressing my body and strong sensations in my womb and yoni.

So much went on for me this past hour, not sure how to recall it all.


Discomfort rising and releasing from the depths of my being, the cells of my body releasing the pain they have been carrying.  


I was able witness it, feel into and then reject it. Sound vibration clearing the deep held energy. 


I had visualisations and sensations of being in Womb, of energy transmission, of being a young child held by my father.


It felt like love overcoming trauma.


I soothed the inner child,  held her close and expressed love for her. 


I was singing and witnessing blue light emanating from my throat chakra, a sense of freedom and joy.


All rounded off with a warm blanket of love and a new found sense of empowerment.


Thank you Safa.

Natasha, UK

Wow. What an experience!


There was so much healing, so many messages and so much guidance.

My throat, heart and womb cleared. My whole rib cage opened and expanded and my spine and body posture corrected. I had releases in my left hip and leg and my pelvis rebalanced. I felt my masculine and feminine energies rebalancing and I saw that my body was just a landscape for these universal energies. 


When there is balance between the masculine and feminine energy there is flow otherwise there is tension and pain points just like there have been in several parts of my body for years. 

Then, Jesus Christ appeared.


I felt the body of Christ representing the whole of mankind. His body was connected to all of us. My hands spread out as if I was on the cross. This was important for me because of the religious background that I was indoctrinated into as a child.


I heard ' Forgive them because they know not what they do. '


Suddenly I saw a scene from my childhood. It was a little boy holding deep ancestral burdens, parental expectations and alot of insecurity. A dark shadow had taken him over and he was alone. I realised this was my inner child, showing me how much he was holding at such a young age. I was worried but Safa helped me to heal this, and all the associated feelings. 

Gary, UK

Wow, so much light and energy flowing through Safa's field the whole time!!!!


This healing programme was the biggest and most profound journey.


My biggest moment was meeting with Jesus! Tears streamed down my face with so much gratitude, a knowing that he is with me, feeling his love and holding his hand. I'm still feeling that connection- it makes me so emotional. 


I had ancestors come in to my field during the ancestral healing work I did. There was so much light and energy flowing through the whole field. 


I was being cleared and healed and filled with light for my journey. I deepened in my womb embodiment, I swam with the whales, felt their deep spirit in womb, the pulse of the oceans and earth's heart beat. 

I felt gratitude for my family and children. I saw their true essence and light -who they really are. I reconnected with my mother who had passed away, i held her hand in a coffin, kissed her with thanks for her journey.


I am still buzzing, feeling so blessed and blissed out!


Safa, you are a master orchestrator of the cosmic symphony. This was a magical healing ride that I will never forget. 

-Mia, Canada

Wow Safa! What an experience!


It's hard to articulate what actually happened! There was so much heart opening, felt once again my thoracic spine and rib cage opening. I released lots of old grief from my childhood that I had not processed and could not put into words. 

I hugged my inner child, let her express herself and my whole throat released and my solar plexus. It was incredible and since then I have been more able to voice my own needs. 


It was epic. Xxx

-Lucy, UK


There was so much light coming at me  and around me and oozing everywhere! It was an unbelievable experience healing with you Safa!

It was beyond anything I could have imagined or expected. 


I feel so blessed that I found my way to you and into Womb Room. 


With deep respect for your commitment to your own path that revealed who you truly are, and for your generosity of spirit to share it this way. 


Thank You xxxxx

Bryony, Scotland

Whoaahhh. That was bloody amazing.

I felt myself grounding, further than ever before, right into the earth. 


I saw so many different images, all so detailed and clear, the same images reoccurring, red roses, dancing, me in beautiful dresses and high heels, being myself, dancing, walking.  The beauty, the romance, the pleasure of just living. It felt like I was surrounded by my own essence and I could perceive myself so clearly. What was mine, my energy, and I loved it. It perfectly matched me.


I felt myself singing, deep, painful words like Chavela Vargas and felt how powerful my pain has been, How there is so much beauty in pain. In feeling.


I wanted to feel all of it, I opened my heart bigger and bigger. Like a huge blossoming rose and it felt like my heart centre and field filled the entire room. 


I saw all the boxes in my womb that I’ve seen many times before, and I set them all on fire. It felt so freeing. I hadn’t thought to do that before. Why open them all and look? Just burn them!! 

I felt the flames and everything old being burnt. I danced around the fire. I saw my baby self, held her in my arms, how absolutely perfect she is. I held her close and said I would never ever let anything happen to her. the old me, me as my higher self, and old wise me. We all danced together in a circle around the flames which circled and circled in an infinite loop 

I saw myself dancing with my (future) children 

I can give them the best gift ever. I saw that If I am fully me, happy with myself, love life, la

Dolce vita, that is what they will see and learn about life and how to be themselves. How beautiful. 

The cycle is broken 


I saw myself in a coffin, as a skeleton, the old me, rotting and dust, but I stood up and danced. Like a day of the dead lady. With red roses around my skull.


I walked down cobbled streets, in the Mediterranean. Warm nights, beautiful candlelight. Romance. Like a Cuban salsa bar atmosphere. 




I saw wolves running and heard

Myself howl with them 

-Alice, UK

Wow! So much happened during Womb Room!


The healing and love in there was so potent and strong! I felt so held. 

My whole nervous system and energy body reorganised. 

I saw pure light. So much light. I saw my spirit filled with white light shooting up into the galaxy. Wow that was powerful and strong 


I felt the right side of my body being worked on and my masculine and feminine sides harmonizing. I saw my body full of blue and pink electric circuits being mixed and shot across my chest. It was all so profound. I was like holyy cow shit!!! 


I felt my entire spine realigning, moving in waves. My shoulders released all the tension. I felt healing in my solar plexus and also emotions releasing from my liver. I ended up clearing in utero imprints and in a fetal position. There was lots of gurgling noises and clearing. I saw dolphins deep in the oceans, three synchronised and jumped out of the waters of womb that I was in. Power!!!! 


Now, my whole body feels different, like a big baby! Full of pure divine love. 

I feel my power stirring 🍯🐯I feel my channels strengthening. Trust with my body. Residing and staying in my body. Trusting it to lead the show and it’s beautifully crafted divine nature. My higher self and her voice rather than the voice of my mind. It’s all so clear... standing so tall and strong rooted 


Safa you are a force of nature. You are a divine mystical being and a loving creator and majestic queen.


Thank you Safa, thank you! ♥️🙏🏻🕊

Tori, USA

 was awakened by the great mother and held by her, and felt surrounded by my ancestors and also felt the light light presence of Jesus beside me. I felt surrounded by angels and ancestors.

I received pieces of my heart I gave away. Felt like I received heart surgery. 

Felt myself saying to my parents I am ready to go, and felt like I flat lined, feeling like a stream of light going through my whole being, down into the void.


WOW i felt it deeply through my whole body, the light penetrated and widened me deeeeeply!!! It expanded me so much!!! It felt like I was being showered with so much light!! Shining a light on all the painful spots. SOOO BRIGHT, I continued to breathe, as the light healed the pain in my body!! It felt so light and intense and beautiful, like a massage. Just kept breathing and feeling and breathing and feeling and recieving.


Felt like I birthed my babyself, and was holding my babyself so sweetly. I felt so connected to my ancestors on both sides!!! And felt the magic of my parents being in the field too, and I just feel so supported and like the luckiest girl in the world. With so much light behind me, and coming into me.


I feel more like myself than I have in a long time. I feel so at peace. But I know this is just the beginning. As I write all I can feel are overwhelming tears of gratitude and awe for it all truly!! I am in love with the evolution of being me, I am in love with my journey, I am in love with my life. Yes, there is always stuff to clear but just like a flower I will continue to shed and bloom, and that is breathtaking in itself.

Thank you so much Safa, I love you!!! Thank you thank you!! 💜 Your gift, your love is a gift.

Jasmin, Costa Rica

Womb Room has been quite the ride!


I don’t have human words for what I felt.


It feels impossible to put it into words.


I’ve never felt stronger, more integrated, embodied and more receptive than I am now.

Safa's work continues to deepen and the integrity that she operates from gets more and more potent every time.


Thank you for your divine healing, your fierce and humble truths and guidance x

Tammy, New Zealand


I started this journey numb, jaded and without a sense of safety or trust , I didn't think there was much that could change. I've been wired for pain and suffering for most of my life and I thought that this story was who I was - and I was so wrong.


Womb didn't only heal me, it healed deep intergenerational pain that I didn't know I was carrying.


Now it doesn't make sense to hold onto toxic patterns-and I can see where I'm sabotaging myself It helped me see how much rage and fear was in my body and gave me a safe loving space to let it go.


I've looked for a feeling of love and home since I can remember and womb showed me that it was inside me all along.

I am so grateful, womb has given me so much.

Ziyaan, South Africa

When I lay down for the session and grounded i was already humming along in a lovely way. 

I saw the group like lights all different and beautifully connected all over the planet like a matrix. I felt Safa and there were also other beings assisting in this recreate.  

This peaceful, yet powerful energy began by radiating out from my blooming heart it was most often the center of my journey. I felt deep gratitude for this journey for the work Safa has facilitated for us. I felt grateful for my life and there were crystal tears of joy. 

At one point there were scales taken off my eyes both physical and third eye. I felt it physically as it happened!

I felt a lot of intense vibrations and some pain and a ton of movement in my cerebellum and occipital region of my brain.  A lot of descaling happening.


I felt my left and right sides recalibrate and I can say today it’s almost like I will be relearning to walk. Yay!

At one point my whole being was a vibration of white golden light and heat. I went to a place pre incarnation for a moment and felt my soul pre life it was like pure, sweet love and beauty. 

I was then transported to the womb and felt time does not exist. I was there and there was love given and received. 

I was given a gift at the end of a softly glowing pulsing alabaster egg it was placed in my womb but seems to be in my womb but also like a womb for me. 

Thank you Safa and all you wombmates. 

Chandra, Canada

 I was soooooo blissed and filled with joy that it was PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE for me to sit down and write.


I felt my body starting to move. It was like waves of "watery energy" that was moving through my body.


I almost literally could feel a grounding cord  going deep down into the earth. This feeling is NEW to me, and I enjoyed it a lot. 


I felt so much joy, such lightness, so much LOVE that I could not stop giggle and laugh.


My mind insisted I was nuts and that th