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Support a life changing healing journey for someone in financial need
who has survived childhood sexual abuse

The Womb Fund helps adult suvivors of childhood sexual trauma to experience life changing healing in a powerful and supportive container, The Womb Room.


Over the course of 9 Womb Rooms, scholarships in the value of almost £3000 have been created.


Please consider donating.

This is the way of Womb.

of participants said they were able to deepen their womb connection after just 10 days

people have re birthed in Womb Room from all around the world

experienced profound healing in just 10 days including physical conditions

Deep gratitude to our amazing
donors around the world

Liza Morozov, USA

Scott Fraser, Canada

Lyndsay Fraser, Canada

Diane Oomer, UK

Caroline Lawler, UK

Victoria Kar, USA

Alia Al-Hashemi, Qatar

Pat Schurr, Switzerland

Julia Staehli, Switzerland

Therese Staehli, Switzerland

Neasa Barry, Dubai

Todd Miller, Australia

Immie Miller, Australia

Mia Lockhart, Canada

Steven Lockhart, Canada

Thank you to  our anonymous donors for supporting the Womb Room Fund

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