psychedelic integration

Working with sacred plant medicines and psychedelics can be deeply profound and life changing. It can also be terrifying. For some people it can be a difficult journey and the period afterwards can be confusing or painful. As the energy body takes on a higher vibration anything that is not in alignment comes up to the surface. 


Integration work with me involves aligning the body, mind, emotions and energy so that you are in a place to continue to benefit from the wisdom of your journey and feel safe and grounded.


Please note, no psychoactives are used during sessions.



-Choosing a ceremony circle to join. UK vs Abroad. What to look out for. What questions to ask the facilitator.

-Guidance on specific dieta requirements and contraindications for plant medicine work

-Understanding your motivation for plant work, what do you really need? What are you looking for?


-Understanding what 'stuff' can come up including traumas and unknown insights, past lives, ancestral and karmic patterns


-Getting the right intention- this is key, and it means you're not going in expecting one thing and shocked to receive something else

-Clarifying the articulation of your intention internally to create a strong inner voice and guide


-Energetically anchoring your intention in your body so you can focus when you're deep in the medicine

-How and when to communicate with plant spirit when you're inside the field, how to be your best inner guide

-Grounding and clearing your energy system to prepare you for the work, getting you into your body, knowing what it feels like to be clear to receive

-Techniques and movement, mantras to ground your system before the ceremony. Connecting you with your personal guides.

-Energetic protection and being in ceremony with other people, etiquette, things to be aware of 

-Anything else that you need to be the most prepared. Even the little things like what to take, what not to take. 



-Understanding what happened to you in the ceremony, fitting the pieces together if it's vague and understanding how it relates to your life

-Working through questions that were left unanswered or where the answers may not have been clear. In this case we invoke the spirit of the plant (no medicine work is involved)

-Working through strong emotions that may have come up during the ceremony, grief, rage, confusion, hopelessness etc

-Grounding your energy body which has been through significant transformation 

-Aligning your spiritual and emotional bodies with your physical body

-Clearing any of the trauma or memories and emotions that have been triggered and you're ready to release

-How to stay in the medicine space of love, how to stay connected with the plant spirit to receive support and guidance

-Understanding messages that are still coming through from spirit which might feel confusing

-Lifestyle guidance post ceremony, food and drinks to avoid, integration practices

-Anything else that you need to integrate the experience and maintain your practice of embodied groundedness


"WOW it's hard to communicate my experience with Safa.
It has left me profoundly moved and so much clearer. 
The release she was able to create from within me has opened up so much space for growth and clarity. It has reconnected me with the beautiful emotions I left with Ayahuasca a few years ago and allowed me to continue my journey with it through a new medium.  
It was an out of body and overwhelming experience and I couldn't recommend it enough to those ready to get clarification and understanding within themselves."


All sessions are strictly confidential and no plant medicines are used.  I work in person and by distance. Fee for integration sessions are £100. My cancellation policy is 48 hours.

Thanks for getting in touch with me, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.