Your children are not your children

“Your children are not your children. They are the sons and daughters of the longing of life itself’ - Khalil Gibran, The Prophet

I'm doing revolutionary healing work for parents and families. For children. For the next generation. This work is radical and revolutionary because I work with all family members and their nervous systems and physical conditions and imprints *at the same time*

Furthermore they don’t need to be present. You will feel it all happening immediately.

What needs to be healed in a family? Starting off, pre conception dynamics such as accidental pregnancy and resulting fear or worry or shame can imprint the developing fetus. I see this so often and some resulting ideations are feeling like a burden or not being good enough.

In utero imprints including environmental factors such as natural disasters or toxicity of the mothers blood can also be found identified and healed.

As can somatic imprints of the child’s birthing process, particularly important if the birth was traumatic, very delayed or premature, or where the child was induced or where the mother was heavily drugged and not a conscious co creator in each contraction.

There is a deep bonding that takes place when the contractions synchronise with the babies body and mother and fetal heart beats synchronise in a natural birth process. baby recognises it’s inherent connection and love from mother in this way- through the synchrony. This creates a “we are entirely aligned and in this together, I am supported feeling” and it’s possible to recreate this as part of the healing work if you didn’t get a chance to experience this. Rebirthing is incredibly beautiful and powerful healing work.

What is most common is unresolved trauma especially grief in one or both parents that is actually reflected in the whole perinatal and birth and parenting process which usually only becomes evident in later life. I’ve worked with people who have perfectly looking families where everyone works harmoniously with each other but they can’t shake the feeling of being constantly on edge or deeply grieving for something. This is what happens when a child is born into a friend of unresolved grief. THEY soak it up whilst the parents bury it deep. This is common where there have been miscarriages or bereavements that have not been healed.

Rebuilding relationships within the family at a deep heart space level is way beyond words, individual therapy, body work or talking therapy.

These imprints are entirely buried under many layers of other illness and trauma. However in the field I create for you to see yourself, they become clear to feel. The result has been families that are forever changed. More aware. More loving and attuned. Where each soul is deeply seen and loved and where there is a shared health and spiritual resonances

In this work it is clear that children are teachers and also triggers. They carry immense unfiltered wisdom and of course, they also carry pain.

Family re constellation work means you can heal with your entire family and change the lives of your most loved ones. It doesn’t matter how far back things have happened.

Examples of work I do with my clients as part of this programme; - individual trauma healing and conception dynamics - understanding children’s in utero experience based on your life and ancestry and emotions at the time - healing in utero imprints that are resulting in physical or behavioural or emotional problems - healing your womb space and reconnecting you especially if there was heavy intervention or womb related conditions/ sexual trauma - working on deeper relational and soul healing of resonance between you and your partner which has become interrupted by life challenges - rebirthing of your child in a natural and peaceful way, then leading to ecstatic birth - overcoming bonding challenges that are rooted deep in your own system and are now showing up in your relationships within your family - recreating the future, envisioning and anchoring in a new vibration - healing ancestral structures on both sides that are resulting in repeated cycles - working on fertility issues and concerns - working on deeper emotional attunement between couples

This is one of my most revolutionary healing programmes and the first of this type of depth field work that I know. If you are still struggling under the weight of what is happening when you deep down know, why things have ended up this way but you don’t know how to go about healing it, this programme is for you.

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