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Spiritual Rebirth in Womb

The Void of the Womb refers to a spiritual concept that involves connecting with the feminine energy of creation and transformation. It is often symbolized by the womb, which is the source of life and the place where everything is born. The Void of the Womb is a space of infinite potential, where anything can be created or destroyed. It represents a place of darkness and mystery, where the ego dissolves and the soul is reborn.

Entering the Void of the Womb requires surrendering to the unknown and letting go of control. It is a place of deep introspection and self-discovery, where individuals can connect with their innermost selves and access their intuition and creativity. The Void of the Womb is a space of transformation, where individuals can release old patterns and beliefs and create new ones.

During my spiritual journeys, a message came to me that my work would involve "resurrecting the dead". Although it felt right, my logical mind didn't know how to interpret it. Recently, I received a clearer instruction to "bring people into WOMB".

Last night, while browsing through a book I had purchased but never read, I stumbled upon a page featuring the goddess Nut.

The message I received a few months ago about "resurrecting the dead" now makes sense. It was an instruction to head into the VOID, to be reborn.

The ego's death is a birth of the soul A moment of truth that makes us whole A shattering of self, a letting go A spiritual journey we all must know

We shed our fears and break free From the chains that once held thee A new world opens up, bright and clear A landscape of love, devoid of fear

We leave behind all that we knew And dive into a realm that's true The mind dissolves, the heart takes lead The soul awakens, and we are freed

We lose ourselves to find ourselves And embrace the mystery that compels A journey of death that leads to life A transformation that ends all strife

The ego's death is a birth of light A new beginning, a spiritual flight So embrace the journey with open heart And let the ego death be your fresh start.



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