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The psychobiological puzzle of in utero trauma

In utero stress increases the risk of adult mental health conditions, cardiovascular and metabolic disorders (Harris & Seckl, 2011). In a world where every third person now lives with multiple chronic health conditions (Hajat & Stein, 2018) and the impact of the pandemic is yet to be seen at scale, this is an important issue within the field of trauma to address.

Women more vulnerable in pandemics and at the best of times, 20% of women experience stress, anxiety, depression when pregnant (Pampaka et al, 2018).

The psychobiological perspective suggests that in utero suffering is a survival / biological adaptation. To me, that's paradoxical. Especially given it increases propensity for chronic health conditions and morbidity in later life. I believe we are missing a huge piece of the puzzle that only a transpersonal perspective can offer. This requires us to go beyond the immediate womb to understand the more elusive- soul, ancestral, inception and conception dynamics. Rarely, are these discussed. At yet time and time again, they occur in client's experiences in therapy.

I believe we are missing a huge piece of the puzzle that only a transpersonal perspective can offer.

Fetal neurological development is shaped by biochemical interactions, the tides and waters of womb, intracranial fluid pressure and epigenetics (Kundakovic & Jaric 2017). Of course, trauma is visibly transmitted through neurological pathways as a baby is developing - cortisol from the mother passes through the placenta into the fetal HPA axis, affecting DNA methylation and chromatin structure.

But is there more happening here?

To understand this, we have to go into consciousness studies. This is where science ends and quantum science and spirituality begins. This is the frontier field.

Science sees consciousness starting in 3rd trimester when the thalamo-cortical complex is developed and electro-encephalographic (EEG) rhythm is detectable (Leisman, 2013). Prior to this, foetal suffering is deemed to be impossible.

And yet it's not.

Many clients I work with have been affected by their conception dynamics; Born from a relationship built on fear, born from rape or being an unwanted pregnancy are just a few common examples. These imprints affect the child's energy field, fluidic imprints, nervous system developmental process and identity.

This suggests that actually, rather than beginning in womb, consciousness precedes neurological development. This is now what scientists are finding evidence for in quantum mechanics, whereby the neural network is actually a reflection of a deeper, quantum network of subtle imprints and hidden information disguised as frequency of light.

Rather than beginning in womb, consciousness precedes neurological development.

However, transpersonal studies find trauma is recalled from past lives, conception dynamics and early womb life suggesting fetal consciousness precedes neurological development. In my therapeutic practice, I support my clients to heal inception, conception, in utero and birth imprints that have affected their somatic experience, their identities and their perception of self in the world.

Kimiya Healing

This is profoundly deep and healing for them at all levels. physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

So what do my clients experience? Here's some of their stories

'Hi Safa, I wanted to share some amazing news! It’s been 3 weeks since we finished my 1:1 sessions... I ran for the first time and guess what I didn’t even use my inhaler! I always have to use my inhaler before I do any work out; ever since I was little .... as you know I was born with asthma and don’t know life without asthm​a. I never thought in a million years I would be running like this !! Thank you ♥️for my new set of lungs ! Honestly I am speechless as I never thought this was possible !!! I feel now i need to keep trusting my body as it’s an amazing power machine that is so grateful to your healing and for safely taking me back to the utero to do this !!!

"Womb Room was life changing to say the least. The effects were so profound, words cannot do justice. My internal environment and the way I process incidents of my past has completely changed."

"I felt like i was given permission or given a blessing to let go of inherited stress and anxiety"

"A journey so vast, so profound and igniting that I am only grasping the first little droplets of it.I am fostering and growing ways to connect to the potency that runs through me and is me. I am falling in love ever so deeply with all that is me and beyond. Womb Room is the most loving accelerator and fertiliser for growth, healing and coming home."

"I am speechless by the depth of the Womb Room work! Beyond vocabulary! The best rollercoaster ride of my life!"

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