The paradox of creating

The paradox of creating something is that it can’t last. It will be torn down as quickly as you are willing to evolve. When you recognise your creation is your undoing and becoming undone is your freedom you will no longer become too attached to the end product. It is a frequency landscape within. Do u really want to cling? It’s hard to grasp this. It’s painful for the mind. It’s uncertain for the body and it’s treacherous for the heart. But for the soul, it is like nectar.

Yes bees, they work very hard to build the sweetest hives, worlds of geometrical perfection and healing medicine. Do they mourn when it is knocked from a high tree and falls apart? When the queen gets too weak to reign she is swiftly murdered by her own army. They honour the whole. The queen takes this position in full knowing that she is in service of the whole or else she is dead. It is a deadly duty to be the queen bee. But she sustains the hive to keep it alive knowing that one day soon she will be killed by her own creation. That is what it means to be fearless. That is nature. Find your queen bee. Let her be.

Artist: Tomas Libertiny