The healing process, uncovered

My six session healing programmes. Described as “life changing” and “a spiritual pilgrimage” as well as “beyond anything I could have imagined”

My goal is to get rid of my clients. For them to leave me excited about their new world, their new body and active in their potential. It’s not to keep them coming back to me. Therapist client dependency is toxic territory.

Not everyone heals in six sessions. For many it takes longer. But every six we close a cycle. A major cycle.

If you want to heal here’s my step by step process:

1/ find and fully own your shadow. All of it. Everything you’ve created. Within and beyond you. Look at the world when you’re done looking at yourself. Everything that’s happened to you is your choice. You chose it to grow. To expand. Until you accept this at a soul level and do the work to realise it for yourself you’ll remain a victim of ego. Victims don’t heal. Egos don’t let go. They symptom manage. They muddle through burying their truths. Life’s not for muddling. Life’s for reclaiming and soaring. Your shadow is nothing but light yet to be integrated.

2/drop your stories. They’re fun and enchanting , often painfully imprisoning but they’re not necessary at higher levels of healing. They function as dense structures that create a means of expression different from the expression itself. Convoluting. Polluting. Covering up the raw emotion. Use them to express but don’t get attached. They’ll change. Science shows memory is fluid. Tell stories to get inside deeper emotions in order to then integrate them. The emotional energy is your power to take back. Notice what you’re not willing to dissolve and go back to point 1. They’re just shapes and shadows created when you dance. Are you still dancing in the shadows?

3/open and surrender your heart. This is the miracle of divine medicine. When you do this daily you will know unequivocally that there is nothing to do except to receive yourself as the nectar of life floods through you endlessly. You will only believe this when you let yourself open. Your mind does not belong here. It is an impediment to receiving in the stream. All miracles exists in the space of the heart and all healing is already available and happening within you. You have everything you’re looking for. Sometimes you just need someone to remind / show / guide you.

4/own your power. This is the final stumbling block for many. I’ve treated people who have known their power and have walked away from it. They would rather keep their identity / house / husband / wife / convenience than step into their power. Why? Because ultimate Power comes with ultimate responsibility which takes courage. It changes your entire life. There’s no escaping yourself. Everyday there are no limits. Just the ones you create. That constant mirror is sometimes just as difficult as feeling powerless. If your therapist / healer doesn’t frequently invite you to take your power back, ask yourself what’s going on and then swiftly dump them.

The truth is There are no problems. The problem is your position of chosen perception. There are also no solutions. The solution is your heart.

Don’t believe me? Let me show you