Masculine Womb Trauma

Womb trauma affects men too. Men just like women are born in Womb. Womb dynamics and maternal imprints will also affect the development of his nervous system. Within all men is the feminine energy of movement and flow, of creation. Within all men is the stillness of that which knows all and holds all movement. Based on relational and environmental dynamics at the time of conception and during pregnancy the parental field can be imprinted into the developing nervous system of the child. The nature of the divine masculine is highly sensitive and will rapidly absorb all movement. It is by connecting to the inner feminine that the movement can be embraced, used as inner healing to transmute and express. That is when the masculine is free to hold and be still, rather than just to absorb.

Some characteristics of womb trauma that can show up for men include: - Emotional avoidance, difficulty to feel deeper emotional currents or verbalise them - Distance from heart, disconnection or disregard for heart based alignment or expression - Overuse of intellect to connect with others especially in intimate relationships - Difficulty finding consistent stillness within - Root chakra is not grounded easily - Need to be seen achieved through conflict , combat or passive aggressive avoidance - Mistrust and misunderstanding of feminine movement - movement is felt as threatening/inconvenient / something to stop or surpress - Scepticism and lack of trust in the world, life is seen through negative lense 'world is bad, I am good' for example - Unsure of deep purpose or life purpose, feeling of being lost but making do with a superficial role or career even though it lacks passion - Fear of vulnerability and dismissing of those who are vulnerable -Inability to engage in healthy conflict burying head in sad - Not able to speak truth easily - Unable to connect with deep seated anger / rage or rage is unspeakable - Protecting of others by suppressing self - Controlling environment and others to stay safe - Unspoken, unrealised hatred towards own mother

Often for men womb trauma only shows up in intimate relationships. It's easy to hide with friends and in work environments where emotional vulnerability and connection has less explicit emphasis.

Reconnecting to hara, to source of all power within through womb alchemy is available to men as deep sacred healing work. Men are guardians of womb energetically, and that is because they know womb better than anyone else. They are after all, that which holds all movement. Healing can help to recreate the sense of grounding and deep knowing within. Until this begins, all the above will be conceptual, a nice read, a distant possibility.

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