The Truth about Masculine Womb Trauma

The truth is, womb trauma affects men too. Men, just like us women are created in Womb.

Infact, it's their first experience of safety, nourishment, connection. The womb environment, maternal health and trauma will be absorbed by the baby boy though the HPA Axis. This directly impacts immunity and neurological development. Especially when it comes to boys, their energy system is designed to absorb. So many men have been that baby boy in womb just absorbing the stress and trauma of the maternal and family field unknowingly, from the point of creation. This leads to long term implications.

So why is it only women who are talking about Womb healing? Men need to be supported to heal womb trauma. This may be from their in utero early life, it could even by childhood sexual trauma. It could be general levels of chronic stress, pressure and over exertion that prevent a man from being able to drop deeper into his creative life force because he is too mentally focused.

What does womb trauma look like in men?
  • Emotional avoidance, difficulty feeling deeper emotions and struggling to express or verbalise them because they are pre verbal or deeply suppressed (Listen to this podcast on how to identify your suppressed emotion)

  • Attempts to ‘prove’ their masculinity by having multiple female sexual partners, sexually victimizing others

  • Over reliance on intellect and the mind to make decisions and connections. Intuition, heart is disregarded. This makes intimacy challenging particularly with women.

  • Unable to ground nervous system or self regulate without anger arising

  • Constant need to be seen

  • Mistrust or hatred towards the feminine

  • Difficult relationship with mother, unresolved hatred towards mother

  • Replaying early childhood dynamics with partner

  • Feeling of being lost, no direction, no purpose

  • Inability to meet in healthy conflict or hold own opinion

  • Avoidance or burying the head in sand to avoid conflict

  • Dissociative tendencies

  • Protects others by suppressing self and deeper emotions

  • Fearful of own anger

  • Controlling

  • Addiction

  • Sleep disturbance

  • Depression

  • Stiffness in hips, pelvis

  • Sexual dysfunction

  • Body hatred

  • Shame/Humiliation

  • Self Blame/Guilt

  • Negative Schemas about the Self

  • Low self-esteem / Sense of being inadequate


Often for men womb trauma shows up in intimate relationships. It's easy to hide with friends and in work environments where emotional vulnerability and connection has less explicit emphasis. Reconnecting to hara / womb to source of all power within through womb alchemy is available to men as deep sacred healing work. Men are guardians of womb energetically, and that is because they know womb better than anyone else. They are after all, that which holds all movement. Healing can help to recreate the sense of grounding and deep knowing within and embodiment of the divine masculine.

Reach out to Safa if you'd like to heal your in utero or birth trauma in Womb Room or a 1-1 Programme.