Revelation through Relationship

Work at a deep level, the level which we are calling the level of the spirit, is an exercise in coming from a very deep place in our being, not an exercise in refining what we do with greater and greater anatomical precision.

We do not do this level of work with the other-it is quite simply the revealed outcome of synergy created in the relationship that does the work.

Relationship, at this level, is what is there when that which keeps us separate, the personal intellect, the personal ego, and perhaps, the individual and personal soul, are surrendered. What is left is the communality of being, that is spirit.

Revelation is the arising (and falling) of forms, phenomena of whatever sort, out of the emptiness of presence, the eternal present, of the now.

To let go of that which keeps us separate and approach the client from that place means that we touch the client at that level in her, whether or not that is held in her, or our, consciousness. A synergy arises.

-Mike Boxall