Is craniosacral therapy magic? The trinity and the role of the practitioner

Some people feel like the craniosacral process is a bit mystical, or magical. Several people have asked me that questions, 'is it magic?' it always makes me smile and I usually ask them a question back in response, 'what is magic to you?'

Throughout history mystics have recognized an underlying trinity in all of existence. Persian mystics and Sufis expressed this as the trinity of love, lover and beloved. For Christian mystics the trinity is exemplified as father, son and holy spirit. The essence of trinity is that there is a source, a recipient and importantly, a means of connection between those two.

In the craniosacral process the same applies. There is the source, a higher organising intelligence and understanding within a person's soul, an individual personality or ego character who has lived experience, and a connection between them which can be seen as the person's body in conjunction with the practitioners attunement.

So the connection is actually the person's own body. The practitioner merely resonates what the person is unable to feel within their own body. The body is like a bridge to the soul, so if the body becomes ill and imbalanced the bridge becomes weak and the inner knowing starts to fill with fear and self doubt.

Healing is about supporting the person's own body-soul bridge. It's about attuning to them so that you can feel and understand what is the underlying reason for the collapse of their bridge. Healing is about entering a field of love and trust, trusting that their bridge can be rebuilt. It's about supporting them as they rebuild, brick by brick, so that they can cross oceans again, and realise their inner magic.