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How to make Deeper Love and Experience Spiritual Bliss States

Spirituality and sex are two aspects of life that can often be intertwined. Many spiritual practices view sexuality as a sacred act that can connect individuals on a deeper level and enhance their spiritual journey. Some religions and belief systems encourage sexual expression within the confines of a committed relationship, while others advocate for celibacy or abstinence. However, spirituality and sex are not mutually exclusive, and individuals can explore their sexuality while maintaining a spiritual practice. By bringing mindfulness, intention, and respect to their sexual experiences, individuals can create a deeper connection with themselves and their partners, leading to a more fulfilling and spiritual sex life.

Making deeper love is a journey into bliss, unity, healing and wholeness. It's a feeling of transcendence of your small self, your immediate mind, and a connection to your higher self, your womb wisdom and the sacredness of your body, a spiralling elevation that strips you bare and yet makes you more of who you are. 

It feels like a deeply sacred prayer that reveals an ever deeper worship within. 

It is the gentle pulsing and waves of bliss through your body, your womb, your presence, your spirit. It's a depth of intimacy that every human being craves that weaves us deeper into our true nature.

So why does blissful love making often feel so far away? 

1. You were taught by your parents or teachers or through religious conditioning that pleasure and bliss are wrong, sinful or bad. This means when you feel it you also start trying to move away from the feeling and shut it down. This happens unconsciously. You essentially do not allow yourself to receive what you could because of an inherent sense of it being bad or you not being worthy of it. 

2. Your past experiences of sex have been traumatic and you have long standing spinal and pelvic misalignment so your nervous system confuses physical sensations of bliss with danger. This means you can't relax into bliss it because your system is actually in fight or flight mode. This means you never really feel the way you think you should be feeling which creates confusion and disconnection. 

3. You can't feel and identify the subtle textures of your own emotions unless it's pain, stress or discord. This means you can't connect emotionally with your body or your partner during love making. Sex often becomes a physical or mental stress relief exercise that doesn't actually bring you both into a higher frequency but actually you co-create a plateau that keeps you in the same cycle. 

4. Your womb is holding pain, imprints from past lovers or trauma from abuse that you haven't healed yet. Your womb feels numb, painful, disconnected from your body, disgusting to you or inherently threatening. This means you actively avoid feeling it during sex or even actively avoid having sex. It can also mean when you do, what arises within you is the pain of your past experiences which are coming up to be processed. 

5. You have an idea of what blissful love making looks like and in your mind it involves a linear, physical activity that almost always has to end with penetration and an orgasm to be complete. This means you've essentially compartmentalised a miracle into a series of equations that have to occur in a particular order or to a certain depth. Love making feels repetitive and familiar rather than a unique and evolving connection that you are almost always surprised and elevated by.

6. You don't take time and space to mentally, emotionally, physically or spiritually prepare yourself to experience deeper love. You squeeze it in (no pun intended) during the time you've got whilst the kids are napping knowing you're already stressed inside, didn't have time to wash your hair and you're already thinking about how you're going to send those emails and prepare dinner. You're not present, they can feel it, your 20 minute session is not going to give you depths of bliss that you deserve!

7. You feel like you have to be actively creating bliss which means you do so much to generate and stimulate pleasure in each other that if you actually stop for a split second, you collapse, the connection and pleasure is gone. What's left is the blankness, the 'is this is?' so you keep going, creating friction and carpet burn hoping it eventually leads to orgasm. This exhausts you, drains your spirit and forces you into a doing mode rather than an expansive, receiving mode. These levels of pleasure are so baseline they are immediately forgotten. 

8. You have abandoned the idea of your own bliss and pleasure because you don't feel comfortable allowing it, and now you derive your own satisfaction purely from your partner and how you can make them feel. This gives you a role and now they 'need' you, Your own needs and desires are buried beneath deep layers of uncertainty and inadequacy and fear that if you do not provide, your identity and role is at risk. 

9. You make love to the body and experience some heights of physical bliss but the rest of you, your heart and spirit is actually hiding because you don't quite know how to bring it into the process. Somewhere along the line you've learnt that it's safer to keep it buried or you don't trust that your partner wants an emotional or spiritual connection with you. This often occurs when one partner is still operating purely at a mental level and the other has deepened in their healing and spiritual journey. 

10. You treat love making as an activity rather than as a frequency to live in. This means you only ever make love or experience blissful pleasure when you are having sex. The thing is, deep love making isn't just a bedroom (or bathroom) activity. It's a constant stream of bliss that every human exists in and is being drawn towards every moment of the day. Love making is ever present, it is love experiencing love. It is when you are willing to peel back the layers that you can receive what is ever present, all the time. 


 When you let yourself heal and reconnect with your own body, emotions and womb that's when you can start allowing yourself to feel deeper into the infinite fields of bliss that exist.

You need to open your heart and let yourself feel.

This changes you, you start to know and feel the resonance of your own power, you command your own creative life force into higher dimensions of your own visionary mission, you cultivate bliss through everything you do, allowing yourself to feel turned on by your own day to day life, by what you create. You let yourself connect with people who are aligned with you.

When you cultivate deeper love making as an internal state, your whole body is moved by the ever expanding pulses of bliss that you emanate throughout your life because you are so deeply in love with yourself and what you create. Actually, valentine's day is every day. 



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