How to get 10X return on your healing investment

Get clear on these questions and you'll 10X your healing investment immediately. The major barrier that people face when it comes to healing themselves and living their true potential is self worth and self belief. These are core wounds that require deep work and it starts by doing the inner work! Before you embark on a healing programme you should take time to consider:

1) What's the actual value of your healing goals and dreams? What's the value of being healthy, living joyfully and purposefully, creating with ease, connecting more deeply, having a harmonious family, ridding yourself and your family from chronic health conditions, believing in yourself so that anything you touch turns to gold? Think about what your healing goals are.

2) What's the cost of staying where you are?

Trauma has a cost, not just to your health but also to your productivity, creativity, leadership and earning capacity. Not being able to operate anywhere close to your full potential, not being able to create anything new or innovative, staying in a job or relationship that is actually caging you and not setting you free, living with chronic levels of stress and nervous system dysfunction -that's an expensive way to live. What do you spend on escaping this? What's the total cost?

3) What's the cost of seeing multiple practitioners? How much does it cost you to get a body worker, talking therapist, energy healer, spiritual guide, trauma therapist, womb alchemist, psychedelic integration therapists to all work on you every week until you get a resolution? Many of my clients have been stuck in this cycle for YEARS seeing so many people and not addressing the root causes. It's expensive.

4) What's the cost of spending months and years with a practitioner that isn't holding the depth of field that actually takes you into the fear to heal it but tinkers around the edges? Drop in sessions here and there whenever you fancy it but no real structure, depth or shifts either structurally, emotionally or energetically that are profound enough to change you at an identity level and therefore change your life? I charge for the value of my transformation, if you want to pay a therapist for their time you haven't thought clearly enough about the value of your transformation

5) How much are you spending on managing symptoms, escaping reality, pursuing distractions / substances and hoping the pain will somehow go away? You can't heal what you either don't realise you need to heal or haven't accepted as your truth. Months and years will go by, you'll take holidays / retreats and come back with the same level of dysfunction, self limiting beliefs and pain, relational issues and deep emotional blocks. Calculate how much you've been spending on avoidance. We do this unconsciously, so don't blame yourself just add it up and look at the figure.

Reality Checks -If you're still resisting your own higher self, your health, flow and potential it's because you're stuck in fear, lack and unable to create anything new in a higher frequency including financially. (Listen to 'how to heal a crummy money mindset') . -This can't change until you are willing to face yourself and heal these wounds. They are related to the depth of your root space, the expansiveness of your heart field and your innate SELF WORTH. Go into your root space, you'll find them all there. (Read: Healing the mother wound and Ancestral trauma, the curse or the cure?) - You will receive the infinite fields of gold that surround you at all times when you are actually available to feel them. You can't manifest higher frequencies and alignment with a dysregulated nervous system because you are literally feeling into density and then instead of accepting you are rejecting your own gifts and wealth. -You will expand into higher dimensional realities when you heal your lower vibrational beliefs about yourself which are NOT permanent but which the ego wants to hold onto. (Listen: Shapeshifting, alchemy and your identity') - Self created wealth starts with your own self worth. Healing leads to renewed flow, trust to receive, sovereignty and a greater impact in the world. You need to invest in yourself if you want other people to invest in you.

This starts by believing in yourself and then facing your fears and then educating yourself deeper than just taking courses that appeal to your logical mind.

Education as an alchemist is about building your felt sense depth and vocabulary and capacity to paint new landscapes.

You won't find that in a book.

It is the book of your own heart that you need to read.

Listen to my podcast on how to 10x your healing investment and make it worth your while. Clients of mine who have clarified and committed to their healing goals accelerate their process and actually experience much more joy and empowerment through the healing process.

Personal story

kimiya healing

A few years ago I had to face my fear after leaving my corporate job and trying to build a healing practice. You don't know this but at one point I considered being an Uber Driver because I wasn't making enough to pay the bills. That was a huge reality check for me. I sat there and just said, no, this cannot be my reality. I have to find the points at which I have created beliefs based on lack and I have to heal them. I invested in myself, time, space, money, focus, resources, education and much more. In less than two years I have singlehandedly built a 6 figure healing practice whilst also managing to consistently donate 10% of my profits to orphans in Gaza, Syria and Afghanistan and setting up the Womb Fund to support dozens of women to heal from childhood sexual abuse. I am now working on scaling so that I can focus more on teaching, creating courses and making a bigger impact. Everything I have learnt and actively used to build my practice is available at the School of Healing Alchemy. I haven't kept any secrets, it's all there. If you want it, you'll invest. If you don't, you won't.

But trust me, there's no ominous force working against you to keep you where you are, you are the force of your own shadow until you illuminate yourself.

kimiya healing
Learn to heal at the School of Healing Alchemy

Each and every time, the most important investment you ever need to make is in yourself.

Listen to my podcast on how to 10x your healing investment and make it worth your while. Clients of mine who have clarified and committed to their healing goals accelerate their process and actually experience much more joy and empowerment through the healing process.

Is your healing investment worth it? You decide!

Read what my clients say:

"The realest and deepest healing experience of my life. It has given me a life beyond my wildest dreams. It has released the blocks, the lack, the limitations and the weakness that kept me in the low vibration of cyclical thoughts and feelings that no longer served me, it released 'my story'. The shame, the blame, the ego, the fear, the lack, the pain, the separation, the list could go on ad infinitum, it has all been released. I have been healed. Womb Room has healed me. I am amazed, still a bit shot away if I'm honest and grateful beyond words. It is healing like no other. The pain of separation has been healed and I feel deeply held and connected to a field of energy and love that permeates the universe. We are one. A waterfall of beautiful tender light now flows through every atom, molecule and cell, I can feel the Divine energy of the universe pour over me and through me like a healing light. Womb Room has shown me that a deep spiritual comfort and a resting place is available in womb. I visit it and rest here daily. l replenish, refresh, revive and revitalise in womb. I now have fresh new ideas and I have opened myself up to new adventures and experiences. I feel fully alive and lit up! Because of Womb Room I am finally embodying my true power. I have been upgraded and restored into the highest frequency."

"These 8 weeks have been a life changing experience. The work of Kimiya Healing is the real deal! Deep, raw, fierce and empowering beyond words.

"Life changing to say the least. The effects were so profound, words cannot do justice."

"I now feel more confident, grounded and aligned than I have ever been. My spine and energetic midline is also stronger, as are my relationships. My third eye has also also opened up more which has meant I see things within me more clearly now. As a healer I have learnt so much by experiencing directly how deeply Safa works. "

"Life saving, life changing, homecoming, empowering and loving. It is unlike anything else out there. I’ve spent years in therapy and searching in other healing modalities. This was the only place to rapidly change me within such a short amount of time."

"In Safa’s safe hands I faced my shadows, I forgave myself, I forgave others. I released old wounds, outdated beliefs and unhealed pain. The old energy was released, I let go, I let it all go… a new powerful healing energy replaced the old, into every part of me, a feeling of total immersion into the most loving, healing, safest of white light, connecting me to the wisdom and mystery of the divine, giving way to receive."

"I came to see Safa not really realising that in all levels, in all ways, I was traumatised. The question Safa asked me at the beginning, How am I? At 40 years old I did not know the answer. The truth is, my nervous system was in overdrive. I had been deeply fatigued for many years. I was so ill when I was 20 years old that I nearly died. 20 years later, I still never understood that experience, why it happened, what it meant. Why? Until the day I met Safa. In just 12 weeks I have felt a big shift in my consciousness. I have become a woman again. I feel a deep love for myself. I trust in myself again!"

kimiya healing

So when you're clear on your healing goals and ready to heal go ahead and book a call with me today