How do you know that?

Sometimes clients ask me 'how do you know that?' in response to deeper insight that I might share. The only way I could know anything that is true and accurate is if I am told. The only way I can be told is if something is shared. The only person that can share their personal depths, their unspoken past, the forgotten details, the buried secrets, is the person themselves.

So I usually respond with, 'this is what your body is sharing with us'

Artist: @julien.tabet

It takes stillness, not magic, to be able to listen to what the body and soul is communicating. As a therapist I only hear what the client could hear themselves if they were able to be still enough within themselves.

When a genuine intention to heal is created together, there is a merging of spirit that gives rise to revelation. Through revelation, insight comes into knowing, feeling and being. By allowing ourselves to be with the other, the healing therapeutic relationship is created anew, each and every session deepening in its quality and healing capacity.