Client Case: Healing Unconscious Trauma

My client came to see me with an array of symptoms. She was confused and at a loss about what to do. She had tried everything for so many years and was not able to break through.

Her symptoms were:

- long standing spinal issues

- emotional overwhelm and inability to focus

- didn't feel safe in her body + low self worth

- felt like she was drowning

- fear of dropping into depression if she expressed grief

- didn't know why she felt so much grief in her body

- was deeply uncomfortable being herself

- constantly felt a deep fear of failure

- found her relationship and family life challenging and triggering

She had tried many healing modalities and was even doing energy work herself. The root causes and ancestral patterns however, remained unaddressed and as a result they had created layers of trauma identity and deep self sabotaging behaviours.

I helped her unravel these over the course of a very intense 12 week programme.

We worked on

Structural healing for her spine

Emotional healing - the mother wound

Belief systems related to self worth stemming from childhood trauma

Co-dependency in her relationship stemming from lack of self worth

Why did she heal so fast?

- she was willing to roar and express the pain

- lots of tears and punches and she didn’t shame herself for her feminine expression and movement

- she was willing to be challenged in my zero BS approach and see herself in new perspectives

- she would do her homework and sometimes came to the sessions with pages and pages of reflections and notes

- we realised that commitment and follow through were big challenges so we called it out, found the root cause- exterminated it, committing to self then starts to feel more natural

- she was willing to acknowledge deeper and unconscious trauma rather than sticking to her narrative which wasn’t coherent with her somatic expression and therefore uncover her truth

- she was willing to speak her truth to her partner and share the healing work she was doing and why it was important

- she was willing to see co dependency as a path to reclaiming parts of herself and her power she has disowned even though it all felt so new and foreign at the start

- she was willing to be real with me about what she needed, to talk, to do more energy work, to rant, to be held etc and as such learnt how to express her needs and be met

And much more.

Here's what she says:

"I've been on a healing journey for over 10 years and I knew it was time to step it up and go to the best. My cranio-sacral therapist personally recommended Safa. I first started with her monthly healing group and would listen to her Spotify mediations and podcasts every night. I then decided to take the plunge for the 1:1 work as I knew her straight talking approach and depth was what I needed.

Safa has an incredible combination of no BS and certainly won’t let you BS yourself!

She is also the deepest and strongest mother of love you will ever meet. She can guide you and hold at your lowest and darkest hour.

I had pain in my back that would resurface on and off for the last 15 years which is now gone. I released anger and rage ( highly recommend pillows at the ready ) and guilt and shame that was being held in my body and heart but which I didn’t know the true extent of. It had been exhausting me and was clouding my everyday life. At one point during the sessions I felt like I was giving birth to so much grief as it poured out of me.

It was so liberating and empowering - especially as I was allowed to be met exactly where I was - however ugly my ‘mind’ deemed it to be at times.

Safa is a vessel for truly embodying your dark and allowing it to be light once again. There’s not many people I would trust to go this deep and be this vulnerable with. I realised that I was always trying to hack my healing and short cut my way out. Now, the relationship I have with myself if the most important and for me this means being quiet and still with my body on a daily basis because I believe I am worth loving- unconditionally and wholeheartedly."


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