Can the psychedelic renaissance create social change?

When it comes to social change, at a collective level structurally, socially, economically and ecologically we have to ask ourselves how in spite of record levels of investment in education and healthcare in recent decades, we are still experiencing global insecurity, war, poverty and human rights atrocities.

Can the psychedelic renaissance create social change?

The psychedelic renaissance may be upon us but psychedelics are not the answer to humanities woes. They never have been. Like everything else, every other plant, person and experience, they are mirrors of depth that require willing eyes. They are tools for those willing to walk the path to hell, set themselves on fire and rise from the ashes like a Phoenix, to find the gates of paradise within themselves. The purpose of the psychedelic experience is to die before you die, historically, tribally they would be used to dissolve layers of fear and induce revelation. As painful identity layers are reintegrated back into the whole, there is a deepening in self liberation and expansion in consciousness through a shift in vibration and frequency of light. Consciousness expansion is a vibrational reality - fleeting insights into trauma or transcendence need to be grounded consistently through the body and lived experience in order to lead to a significant change. This lived experience is a collective one and the conditions and context need to support the individuals healing too.

Throughout history, perhaps since the beginning of plant consciousness humans have had substances to learn from. But instead, human ego / fear structures have prevailed. The truth is, these plants have been growing and freely available in nature globally and have been used since ancient times. All the while, the consciousness of humanity has still evolved to a degree of viral pandemic, global chronic disease, mental health epidemic and an abhorrent degree of wealth and social inequality in pretty much every aspect of life from food to employment to education and healthcare.

Now we have a new wave: microdosing to avoid really feeling the truth and depth of pain and therefore avoiding radical self consciousness, magic mushroom nasal sprays and clinical based, devoid of ritual, spirit work and the ability to deeply see the energetic structural frequencies that keep people bound to pain are providing a new but shallow platform of hope. To me, the medicalisation of psychoactive plants is another way for big pharma to monopolise and steer the numbing down of human potential, and another way for humans to avoid themselves and their shadow. The panacea is not the substance. It is how much of ourselves as the whole (ancestral, karmic, collective) we are willing to see within our experience of taking the substance and then, what we are willing to actively take action on, change, and live the change ourselves as individuals. When culture shifts, consciousness shifts.

Consciousness isn’t found in a plant. The plant just mirrors back depths of consciousness that we have yet to embody. We get to choose whether we truly want to embody it. That choice takes place against the backdrop of societal pressures and social norms, of certain structures which have become embedded in collective reality, language and experience. One example of this is parenting. In ancient tribal times in India, Africa and South america, parenting was a shared community role, designed to instill courage into the child - courage and the ability to overcome fear was the greatest gift a parent could give a child. As a result, shamanic initiations would mean children of healers would be left alone in the jungle as young as 6 or 7 years old, to fight for their survival, conquer all fear and learn strength from nature. If they returned alive back to their parents it would sometimes be after many months, and they would be sent out again. Love was the lesson of courage. Now, in our modern world that approach to parenting and harnessing of a child’s gifts would be considered child abuse. The point is, we have collectively shifted our fear axis to avoiding fear at all costs, rather than diving deep into terror to discover our immortality. As a result, therapies and treatments have evolved to support gentle titration of fear, rather than radical experiences of depth of safety. When working vibrationally and therapeutically there is a huge difference in outcome and results between the two approaches.

Consciousness is found in our hearts when we let them break open and let the plant mirror ourselves to ourselves. The healing isn’t in the chemical and neurological activity either. That is a byproduct of our vibrational reality not the root cause. Consciousness is not created in the brain, thoughts and behaviours are. The brain is the symptom. To work at the root cause we need to go into the quantum realm and work with the energetic structures that comprise a person's vibrational reality and fluidic nature. That which flows can never become stagnant or diseased. Where there is a drying up, a shrivelling, a toxicity is where illness comes in, at a personal and transpersonal level - we can see this in the prevalence of polluted waters on earth and the rapid increase in conditions such as alzheimers, dementia and cancer, pertaining to the vibrational quality and purity of intra cellular fluid such as CSF and fluidic networks responsible for neurological health such as the glymphatic system. I work with clients without any substances who are in chronic pain, experiencing chronic illness, depression and addiction and PTSD, extreme cases of ancestral trauma and abuse. My clients experience rapid recovery in 6-12 weeks without any substances. The question for me is are psychedelic substances necessary if this healing is possible without them? As long as the human seeks an answer from something they perceive to be outside of them, beyond them, they will remain disempowered and in fear. If the psychedelic renaissance can lead people into themselves, to recognise they are everything and embody expanded consciousness, we could harmonise a new paradigm of health.


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