Call the People to WOMB

“Tell the people” the voice said “Tell the people what?” I asked “Tell the people to enter the womb” “What womb?” I asked “Your womb” the voice said . What! < first response No! < second response What a whore! < third response . As you can tell I had a big reaction. . Then I googled “whore” . A root word of whore is KAR, Latin “CARUS” - which amongst other things means “Beloved” . .

“BELOVED - BE LOVED” . . That calmed me down. . So here I Am. I’m going to explore the mystery of WOMB. . . I’m going to video journal the messages that come from my womb during my 10 day meditation. That’s all I’m going to do, meditate in my womb and record the message. I’m doing what I’m told. . . Where do we begin? It seems, we begin again.


>BISMILLAH ARAHMAN ARAHIM< RAHMAAN and RAHEEM come from the word RAHAM. RAHAM > Usually explained to the mind as ‘Mercy’ but can only be realised through the heart and body when it is known, then , as mercy of the void. It is in this void that everything is dissolved and recreated.


WOMB ROOM: Join me on a 10 day transformational journey deep into the mystery of creation to rebirth yourself anew. Powerful group transmissions, healings and channeled messages.

‘Whosoever enters WOMB willingly shall see their transformation’ >> Email me to express your interest and intentions: