6 Principles of Craniosacral therapy

Somehow there are still many people, including health professionals, who don't know what craniosacral therapy is. It's a shame especially as it's based on anatomical and physiological principles. I tend to describe it as an approach to body psychotherapy.

Here's my list of 6 Craniosacral therapy principles that anyone can understand.


The body, the mind and the spirit cannot be separated. If we want to heal we have to embrace our totality. Our autonomic nervous system regulates how our body (our breathing, our blood pressure etc) responds to our emotional state. How we feel affects our body and organs. How our body feels affects our emotions. We cannot treat our emotions without working with our body and vice versa. They are inseparable. Any attempts to do that are in my view, doing a disservice to the entirety of the client.


Our cranium and sacrum are constantly moving allowing cerebrospinal fluid to flow up and down our spinal cord and into our brain. This fluid not only cushions the brain from impact but keeps our nervous system functioning, transports hormones and peptides and drains toxins from our brain tissue. It was first discovered by an Egyptian physician Imhotep in 3000 B.C. and recently developments in scientific research are looking at the biomarkers within CSF as pre indicators for Alzheimer's and other conditions.


Movement is key to being alive. Obviously. If we stop moving or a part of us stops moving, it is effectively dead. When our movement is impacted our whole body and emotions are too. We might not notice immediately, but eventually when we are stiff and restricted we feel it. If movement is impacted by stress, illness or injury blockages on a fascial, muscular or skeletal level that affects the flow of CSF and therefore the ability of our nervous system to function.


Our body is transparent. It tells our story. Our ancestry, our emotions, thoughts beliefs and dreams fears all live in our body. It is the temple of our soul. Our body is constantly trying to express our truth and heal. Our body comes under stress and disease when we try to suppress our truth and our expression. When we try to hide or we curtail a healing process that was taking place in us.. Craniosacral therapy makes things transparent so we can see our story, and rewrite the parts that don't serve us anymore.


Craniosacral therapy is an approach of listening to the body's patterns, expressions, contaminants and restrictions at a far deeper level than most modern medicine. There is no intervention, no force used to try to change anything and no manipulation. There is simply an allowing. When the body is allowed, it will function. The body's function is health, harmony and balance. Scientists call that homeostasis the tendency towards a relatively stable equilibrium between interdependent elements


This approach is about choice and empowerment. It's about returning to your body's natural rhythms and stepping into your power. Nobody can heal your body except you, that is who your body will respond most immediately to - your will. Yes, having a witness to your body's expression can help, just like anyone that is speaking that has someone hearing them, but the real person your body is looking for is you. Craniosacral therapy helps you to take your power back and reconnect with your body.