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Build confident distance skills and create a global practice with this 2 month immersive and personalised mentoring programme

Can you relate to any of these?
You know distance work is powerful, but you don't know how to safely leverage it within your own practice?
You have done some distance work but you're not 100% confident offering it as a paid service?
You've had good results but the specifics are blurry and you want to develop clarity and consistency?
You want to learn the practicalities of energetic integrity and safety but you're not sure who to ask?
You want to use your distance skills to grow a global practice but you're not sure where to start?
You want to deepen and refine your perceptual skills in the field and hold a deeper stillness, but how?


 4 X 1-1 distance sessions w/ walkthroughs (worth $600)
16 hours of structured and reviewed client practice 
Beyond the Body distance healing webinar - (worth $30)
Personalised feedback provided each week (worth $580)
2 X Group Live Q&A sessions (worth $600)
Private online Facebook community and support 
Recommended Reading list for each stage of client lifecycle 

Value to your practice and future earnings - Priceless

Mentorship Investment just $700

This is the equivalent of $11/day




Safa is a qualified craniosacral therapist in private practice in London. She studied distance modalities such as Vortex healing and Reiki 2 as well as Gestalt therapy and Psychosynthesis, body orientated and psycho spiritual counseling approaches. 


Having spent most of her first year in practice supporting trauma clients she now works with therapists to deepen their  craft.


Attuned to identifying the emotional and relational root she describes her work as energy alchemy, which she cultivated through her own inner work with sacred plant medicines and with Sufi energetics.


Her individual distance work has been described as ‘life changing’ and ‘as rare as a solar eclipse’ and her group sessions as ‘profound, incredible and unbelievable.’ Her recent programme Womb Room, a 10 day rebirthing journey saw her work with 120 people in a sacred energetic container described by one therapist as ‘the most important thing that happened to me’ 


With a degree in Economics and Politics, a career background that includes investment banking and digital product strategy and development Safa can also advise on practical matters such as business and practice development. 


Tai comes from a lineage of holistic healers on her paternal grandma’s side and was drawn to Biodynamic Craniosacral work (BCST) because of its emphasis on the body. Working in a grounded and attuned capacity, Tai excels at helping people connect to their body’s messages in the form of felt-sense experiences thus processing histories of stored injury and/or trauma in a gentle, non-forced way. See her website at


With a foundation of 700 hours of in-person training Tai has also completed 60+ hours of distance session work. Since the beginning of the pandemic, Tai has been doing distance work daily. Distance work is a powerful way to release freeze from the nervous system and gently reconnect body and mind.


Tai is passionate about working from a trauma-informed and nervous system-informed approach. She constantly studies work from Peter Levine, Stephen Porges, Diane Poole Heller, etc. on healing trauma, the autonomic nervous system and attachment theory. When it comes to learning more about a biopsychological approach to healing emotional and physical trauma she is 100% on board and interested.


Tai also works at the intersection of societal justice and healing. She works with many lgbtq and bipoc clients, inspired by somatic justice work of people like Lama Rod Owens, Resmaa Menakem, and Tada Hozumi.

Distance healing takes both client and practitioner into a quantum field of impossible possibilities. In a one hour session my clients transmute decades of density that would otherwise have taken months in person.


You need this mentorship if: 

You want to feel confident offering distance work to clients globally

You want to be clear on who you treat and how you work
You want to get comfortable with your pricing and service offering

You're unsure about distance working protocol and considerations
You don't have a clear marketing strategy to grow your practice globally
You want to deepen your own perceptual abilities in the quantum field



1- Sharpening and Deepening Perceptual Ability
2- Relational Field & Emotional Intelligence
3- Verbal Connection - Your Words as Healing Tools
4- Transference Dynamics & Energetic Integrity
5- Treatment Potency and Effectiveness
6- Client Personalization - Staying Present
7- Personal Reflections (Growth/Edges/Sticky Points)
8- Practical and Aligned Strategy and Marketing


Safa is pure brilliance. In our distant sessions Safa tuned into me instantly. Her ability to feel my system at each moment was amazing and this gave me the freedom to explore, unearth and learn about myself energetically.  Safa sparkles with clarity, truth and wisdom.

I've experienced a variety of bodywork modalities on my journey and I have seen practitioners across a variety of mediums - but I have never experienced anything like the physiological alignment of my session with Tai.  She operates with ease and the connection she curates through spatial relationship is electric.