group healing programmes

'This experience is beyond words, it's something magical, celestial even. I was spellbound experiencing this.'

inner alchemy - coming soon

body-mind alignment

What: Begin your healing journey here. Understand how your past affects your emotions, your body and your thoughts. Learn how to feel your body safely. Get to grips with the purpose of your pain and step into your future.

Dimensions: Mind | Body

Who is this for: You want to understand the root cause of anxiety, pain or illness and learn how to heal yourself.

Next programme opens: TBC

Programme duration: 10 days

Programme cost: 


sacred rebirthing 

What is it: Transformational rebirthing in the void of womb. 

What people say:

'So powerful'

 'A profound experience'

 'I am reborn'

Dimensions: Body | Spirit 

Who you are: you're aware of your trauma and ready to release all. 

Next womb opens: 22nd October 2020 

Programme duration: 10 days 

Programme cost: £200  
(5 early bird spaces available until 15th August) 

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death ritual - coming soon

mastering the grace of death

What: Master ego death to go beyond boundaries and all limitations. Die before you die. Release all conditions. Create new ground. Unlock your creative genius. Soar to new heights. 

Dimensions: Spirit / Soul

Duration: 14 nights


Coming soon



group healing is powerful, memorable and transformational

Wherever you are in your healing journey my group programmes are designed to support you to deepen in your embodiment, access your own self healing power and soul connection.



Each programme is a sacred container of healing. 



 Often people build new networks and friendships alongside their awareness. Transformation becomes a fully lived experience leading to lasting and radical change. 


If you have any questions about the group healing programmes please get in touch with me