Healing in subtle realms

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12 weeks of unparalleled, subtle realm training 

  1. Beyond the body: Embodiment of healing consciousness and spiritual intelligence

  2. Tools of the trade: Advanced embodiment of stillness, gaze, grounding and presence

  3. Getting stuck in: Healing, transmutation and reconstruction of organs and chakras

  4. Field work: Pre-personal, biographical and transpersonal field work

  5. Lose it: Releasing attachments, cords and contracts and healing the psychology of attachments

  6. Shadow hunting: Sub-personalities vs entities, recognising, integrating and releasing

  7. No more hauntings: Fast, effective and safe spirit release - yes, you will see it being done live 

  8. Sensing the subtle: Recognising, protecting and preventing psychic attacks, curses, astral trickery

  9. Wacky but grounded: Therapeutic dialogical skills based on client stage of development

  10. Stronger than sage: Energetic protection, rituals that work

  11. Knowing your client: Integrating energy work with other modalities of healing

  12. Tinkering vs tailoring: Assessing client readiness, contraindications and treatment effectiveness

You'll receive

 Over £10,000 worth of unique content, knowledge and guidance
15 + hours of in depth video tutorial (worth £6000)
24 X hours of client practice with feedback on your case notes (worth £2000)
3 X Group lab demonstrations (5 hours worth £1000)
6 X Live Group Q&A sessions with me via Zoom (worth £900)
2 X 1-1 walk through sessions with me (worth £400)
Workbook and guided meditations (worth £100)
Distance healing introductory webinar (worth £50)
Private online group with daily prompts 
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What therapists say

Safa is pure brilliance. In our distant sessions Safa tuned into me instantly. Her ability to feel my system at each moment was amazing and this gave me the freedom to explore, unearth and learn about myself energetically.  Safa sparkles with clarity, truth and wisdom.

Her knowledge is vast and all through her own explorations and experiences, she has throughout helped me see my own gifts and abilities and to become the best version of myself. 

After decades of practising energy healing I thought I had seen it all. Safa showed me what is possible within the quantum realms. It was beyond my wildest imagination and deepened my spiritual connection.. I learned more in our weeks together than in many years of taking courses.

This is not a course. This is a spiritual initiation.


In the quantum field of infinite possibility

Nature's hidden forces

Reveal our inherent paradox

Everything as we know it

Becomes ours to create

This 12 week journey is for advanced energy medicine practitioners, healers and shamanic practitioners. It doesn't matter to me what you have studied and what you think you know. To do this programme, you will need to embrace stillness, accept death, shadow hunt and be willing to be purified beyond recognition. 
Your field will be renewed, as will the way and depth that you serve your clients at. I will support you to realise your unique energetic presence in the space, to work in a way that is true to you, and makes every session filled with wonder and healing miracles.
Application procedure: 
Please contact me before booking and tell me why you are interested to join, what kind of experience you have and what you want to develop. This course is not suitable for beginners or those who want to learn through theory and not experientially through their own system, i.e are not willing to shadow hunt within themselves. Safety comes from self illumination. All applicants need to be in regular therapy either with me, or another practitioner to participate. 
Email safa@kimiyahealing.co.uk

Book your spot

 VALUE: £10,000 worth of unique content, knowledge and guidance. 
EARLY BIRD JUST £3,000 by 1st April
JOIN WITH A FRIEND JUST £2,800 by 1st April
Programme will run in 3Q 2021

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